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  1. Simply one factor over both legs. Missed chances, some today beyond belief. Congratulations to Stranraer, hung in both games when looked goosed. Sometimes that what makes the difference.
  2. Forgot to mention, makes good business sense as well.
  3. Hi comments taken in spirit offered. Yes East Kilbride the town very OF minded for all the obvious reasons. As a Club we have from day 1 worked to offer a completely neutral space and have excellent relationships with both sides of OF. As likely to bump in to Ally McCoist as John Hartson at our functions or games. Have had Billy McNeil up at K Park with replica European Cup and dozens of our kids so excited to get a picture. Ally has brought legends from both sides to charity games at K Park. Could go on, loads of times where our Club has bridged the divide. We are very proud of that and I can honestly say never witnessed any issues and I have been there from the start. Not to say never some superb banter at times, but within the bounds as it should be.
  4. ekok


    Honestly from personal experience an absolute nightmare of an tie up. Hope I am wrong.
  5. Maybe some more, for a team with average home crowds of below 300 not too shabby. This project was always going to be a slow but steady build. Confident that L2 would be double at least and then who knows? Population now about 100,000 so lots of potential
  6. Sorry poor grammar on my part. The tie is not over because we didn't take chances etc
  7. Exactly what game were you at ? Obviously not the same one as me. Tie should have been over yesterday, it's not because we didn't take chances, poor finishing , your keeper did well, but saves you would expect him to make.
  8. If only your performances on the park matched your peerless hospitality, sporting integrity and all round genuine enjoyment at playing in Tier 5 , we would still have the pleasure of your company. Not to be. The lucid and rational explanation of the B team situation is typical. Clear, well made and an object lesson to those who ask "the answer is no, what is the question " Thanks for your good wishes in the Playoffs, most appreciated.
  9. What a typical and generous message. Over the years we actually struggled against the lads in lots of the games. Our committee are well upset at the thought of no longer having the excellent home baking to look forward to. From everyone at East Kilbride, thanks for the memories and every success going forward.
  10. Laughing my head off at this , totally brilliant
  11. Yes and final league game today at Tranent ideal preparation. Proper intense game ,we played very well, couple of injury scares, that aside all good. Big thanks to Tranent, welcome and hospitality second to none. Class guard of honour and beers left in dressing room top stuff
  12. The other big issue is being ready to play team 42, need two clear weeks before SPFL end date, then a week after that. In an ideal world those games would not exist, so 2/ 3 weeks right there. The problem is the more The Spartans etc flourish, the further away that becomes. Probably common ground there.
  13. Hi Cowdie, what a talent you have for spinning all things into a negative. What are we thinking about failing in the Playoffs, will we go bust. Sorry to disappoint, totally focused on the positives of at last makingit to the SPFL.
  14. Exactly what the Lowland League do. Decent weather and pitches, everyone well up for new season, light nights, get ahead of the game. Even with washout last few months, still on track to finish on time. Yes a few teams , including EK playing catch up last few weeks, but that is unusual. Highland League can speak for themselves, everyone knows when the finishing line is.
  15. Correct, as Hearts cannot be crowned Champions, but we still need a point to actually win the league. Be nice to get over the line today, set up Speakers Night nicely!
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