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  1. Edinburgh South 2 Coldstream 1 (midway through second half). Edinburgh closing in on the first of two out of two wins needed to secure promotion. Not looking good for Armadale. The ultra fanaticals of Colinton are here in force (if a force is measured in half dozen intervals). We watched in amazement as they carried their crush barriers (aka flying sharks) around from behind one goal to behind the other at the interval. They love to be penned into a wee cage these ultras. They would have loved football grounds in the 80s. One thing to carry a drum, quite another to wrangle two flying sharks the length of a pitch. Eventually the referee tired of them after their second flare was lit, and a guy was despatched from the crowd round to issue a TELT, where they promptly lost half their number as their curfews loomed. Game has been fairly one sided although Coldstream did strike the bar at 1-0 and have just pulled a goal back with their second venture out their half. Unlike my last visit here, there’s no cheery Welsh ground hopper to chat to, nor any biblical sunsets. Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone…
  2. Two wins in a row! BSC Glasgow 1 Campbeltown Pupils 2 FT. An outstanding second half performance here, coming from 1-0 down and clinging on for dear life at HT. Then a complete turnaround to dominate the second half and score a late winner. Absolutely tremendous. What a week.
  3. BSC Glasgow 1 Campbeltown Pupils 2 FT. Good to see all four sports of Peterson Park taking place today. There’s Gaelic football, shinty, fitba and planespotting all happening simultaneously. The planespotters took an early lead when the big beast Airbus A380 flew over from Dubai with its 800 passengers. As they disembark at Glasgow, they’ll find the weather today much as they left it in that desert. It’s hot and sticky here as we enter Day 2 of our summer. Safe to say there are not so many in attendance here. I counted 13 at kick off! That goes up markedly as teams troop on and off the adjacent pitches and stop awhile to watch this game. BSC are dressed like lollipop men and their goalie is handling stops and crosses well. They have taken a deserved lead here. EDIT - completely different second half here. Campbeltown utterly dominant and scored twice but could have had more. The ball was barely out the BSC half.
  4. Gates were open at Hamilton Crescent, home of West of Scotland rounders team, as I wandered by today. Site of the first Scotland v England game in 1872. An utterly dominant Scotland were held to a nil-nil draw by the visitors. After this promising start, it only took Scotland another 95 years before becoming World champions at Wembley. Nice wee venue in the shadow of Partick Burgh Hall. Very scenic.
  5. First visit to the Pot Still tonight. First Glenfarclas. Went with a Glenfarclas 105 cask strength. Which confirms I still have working taste buds. A beautiful whisky, explosive on the first taste and then it has a long succession of wonderful flavours. I’d risk sounding like Willie Wonka if I started rhyming them off. Really love this pub. Lovely atmosphere. The staff know their stuff. Due to other commitments, this visit was brief, but I’m sure I’ll be back.
  6. I’ve found the squad here: https://aberdeen-fc.com/aberdeen-fc-tennents-sixes/tennents-sixes.html#gsc.tab=0. Based on which I think the guy in question might be Brian Mitchell? I’m not fully convinced on this, but I’m going by a process of elimination. Simmie, Angus, Stark, Leighton, Grant. McMaster, Porteous, Miller (J), Mitchell. I was at this edition of the Tennents Sixes. My memory of the occasion isn’t vivid alas, although I do remember dropping something (possibly a hat) behind the temporary stand never to be seen again. EDIT - I think the photo might be the 1986 team? McLeish lifted the cup in 1987, I don’t see him in the photo. Strip also looks like the 1986 strip. Stevie Gray was also in the 1986 team, the mystery guy is either Mitchell or Gray (possibly neither!).
  7. Outstanding win for Campbeltown tonight after taking the long and winding road to East Kilbride. They showed up, some teams wouldn’t have returned the favour. Well done!
  8. Linton Hotspur 0 Harthill Royal 3 HT. Not much to report here. Routine win for the visitors awaits. The Lintonians have improved over the course of the season. Looked a touch more competitive at the start of this game, but it didn’t last. The second goal was one for the connoisseurs. Appeared to be scored directly from a throw-in but the referee must have saw a touch somewhere. He had a better view than me at least. The plate of chilli was excellent before the game. Edited to add that a Harthill substitute is receiving treatment after injuring himself during his warm up. Haven’t seen that before but I suppose it’s not unfeasible for that to happen.
  9. I am delighted to see the wonderment of a trip to Campbeltown getting due recognition on here. I’m not so bothered by the lack of food at the park, as I always get lunch at the Black Sheep (Haggis nachos) after my long drive, and you don’t walk out of the Black Sheep seething about their miniscule portions! However, the ferry timetable is useless for a football trip. Late Friday night ferry to Campbeltown followed by a Saturday dawn ferry back to Ardrossan. Then nothing until a Sunday evening ferry to Ardrossan. It would be amazing if they played some games on a Sunday so this could all be joined up, but they don’t and shouldn’t organise their fixtures for erm “ferry enthusiasts” like me who would make a point of doing that very trip just for the sake of it! But it’s all dependent on Calmac showing the people of Kintyre some respect by running an occasional ferry. I’m not sure there has been any sustained service since Covid, but I’ll stand corrected on that. Anyway, no matches for me this weekend. I’ve been in Iona praying for Talbot to stop winning football matches. Barely acceptable journey back to Oban tonight!
  10. Exciting news reaches me from Lanzarote. My old Dad is out there for a holiday sunning himself and generally squandering my inheritance, but has managed to use his day productively today by taking in UD Lanzarote 2 CD Hebarnia 0. 2nd v 13th in the fifth tier of Spanish Fitba. Despite the strange Wednesday 12pm kick off time, the game attracted a decent crowd of around 2,000. He says that Lanzarote are decent, playing at about the level of our Championship with two very good players, the names of which he will surely be passing on to his beloved Killie for scouting purposes. The other team were dreadful apparently (it’s the Hibernian way). Hoping he’ll send me some pictures of the stadium when he finds a decent Wi-Fi later on. Beats my day sitting at the desk! EDIT - no pies. You could buy bocadillas, croissants or Kit Kats. Plus beer on tap.
  11. Boxing Day 1990: we arrive in Aberdeen early for the evening kick off against St Mirren (1-0 Dons; Jess). We are invited into the stadium and given an impromptu tour (dressing rooms; boot room; boardroom; pitch) by none other than Teddy Scott, who takes time out of his day to tell us a few stories about the club. Today: I awake in Aberdeen after a reasonably boozy night out at the King Creosote gig. I decide a bit of sea air will be just what I need and head for a walk around Footdee and the Esplanade. Upon seeing Pittodrie I realise I haven’t yet seen the Fergie statue in-person, so I head over and take a few snaps before making my way around the ground and back towards town via Merkland Road. As I’m making my way up towards King Street I’m approached by somebody in high-vis, who doesn’t identify themself to me, but proceeds to challenge me about why I’m taking photos of the stadium on the day of an event. One of the offending photos is added here. I tell them that I’m on a public road, not on their land, and I can do what I like with my camera. I’m unapologetic to them about my sordid stadia photo habit. It’s niche, but it makes me happy and harms nobody. We part. They look pissed off at my leaving remark “so is this the friendly welcome I’m to expect in Aberdeen now”. They follow me up towards King Street. I hear them say in their radio that they’ve taken my photo and they’re escorting me off their site. Shortly after a police car passes me and the occupants seem to take an interest in me but continue on their way, presumably aiming to catch a criminal instead of harassing a slightly hungover man entirely minding his own business. I’m not sure I can articulate better than these two incidents at Pittodrie exactly how much I see top-end football as having changed and lost its way since the 90s. I had been tentatively considering hanging about in Aberdeen for the Motherwell game, but that is quite clearly not happening, and indeed never again will I set foot in that place after being treated like that today. Anyway, I’m following King Creosote on to Findhorn tonight and decided to stop here in Elgin for this relocated Dufftown v Lossiemouth United match. A shame that the Dufftown pitch is waterlogged, but it gives me an excuse to come up to Speyside another time which is never a bad thing. Game is zipping along at a fair lick, Lossie currently winning 2-1 in front of a crowd that is probably too low to warrant counting. It’s hammering down, but I’m enjoying my freedom regardless.
  12. How many grounds have you visited with a dog? I had (temporary) custody of a dog once, a ridgeback cross called Martin. I did what I thought was best, and took him to a Penicuik game. Unfortunately he lurched towards a boy holding a pie and devoured most of the pie before we could say “bloody hell Martin, you’re faster than Stuart McKean (aka Snowy)”. The pie was replaced (by me, not Martin, frankly he took no ownership for his difficult behaviour), and we all went about our day. Penicuik probably lost 2-1. Anyway I would very much like to see Sam, and Jon, get their picture upon the Hampden museum. Let’s get this done!
  13. News reaching Big Kieran of the 24/04/24 Club Licensing Awards: Bronze!
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