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  1. Kibble have been excellent for st mirren, Gillespie is a shrewd operator and making a massive difference at our club.
  2. This st Johnstone team are absolutely pathetic, embarrassingly bad.
  3. We played some nice stuff last night, we knocked it about well and we moved the ball at pace instead of the slow passive stuff we had for a few weeks, we are starting to pick up momentum again going into this cup game against a Celtic side that isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, absolutely no reason we can’t beat them at home on Sunday. Greg Kiltie by the way, flys under the radar but is becoming our most important player, brilliant football brain and what a player.
  4. 1 way traffic the whole game, pumped from start to finish, some team the Dee. Thank f**k we didn’t pay over the odds for Curtis Main.
  5. Bullshit we have the 2nd smallest budget In the league. Believe that and you will believe anything.
  6. Ayunga will take most of the plaudits yesterday and it was great to see him back amongst the goals but Nahmani was excellent, he was dropping short to give and go and linking up play all day, brilliant pressing and lightening quick, need to remember he is only 20 but we’ve got a player on our hands.
  7. Nahmani and Ayunga have both been superb today and linked up really well.
  8. Shankland looks like he still likes the peanut butter m&m’s, he was fond of them when he was at st mirren as well, an absolute barrel.
  9. That was the most 1 sided 1-0 I’ve seen in a long time, should have been far more and it would have been daylight robbery had we not won. I hope big slaphead In the hearts end that was doing the nazi salute is enjoying his night, horrible b*****ds.
  10. Number 8 for Motherwell has been superb, best player on the park.
  11. Something Dundee fans don’t need to worry about, the yoyo team.
  12. O’Carrol is a no brainer. He’s very highly thought of around the club, the players love him and he is a coach for Northern Ireland.
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