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  1. Not two midweek, one. I miscounted - it would be 9 games played by the last Saturday in August if the season started 3rd August and you played Sat - Wed - Sat full of August. Players would rather play a midweek game at that stage of the season than train - 100%. Teams are also likely to get more people turning up for a midweek game at the start of the season when the weather is ok and everyone still has something to play for, rather than expecting them to turn up for dead rubbers in Apr/May.
  2. Start the league season Saturday 3rd August and you could have 10 league games complete by end of August.
  3. According to guys with a better handle on EK's finances the budget is not much different to previous seasons.
  4. Is there any chance EK could look at a change in the dugout? I know it's disappointing to lose the final but looking at it objectively, Kennedy and Ferry done a really good job and won the LL at a canter and should have got past Stranraer over the two games in terms of chances etc - not much the coaching staff can do if players don't put the ball in the net.
  5. Overall I would say so. But if there's any boys capable of stepping up a level then Kevin would be aware of that too.
  6. Don't think Kevin would be looking at many Locos players with all due respect if he was taking over at Ashfield and trying to get them into the Premier League.
  7. Is there anywhere you can watch this online or TV today?
  8. A disaster for Drumchapel Ams. Will take them a while to get out of that division now.
  9. Wishaw hammer Doune 5-0 and they now know that if they beat St Joes in their last league game they will finish above them. If the league had another few games to run you would have to fancy Wishaw to win it they are the form team in the league but might just have ran out of games.
  10. Imo the Hampden pitch is too big and it ruins the spectacle. Obviously for the players it's a great feeling to play at Hampden but I don't think playing the game there does much at all for the spectacle, pace and quality of the game.
  11. Michael will be a far better face of the club than that tadger. Good appointment.
  12. Is the Ashfield manager on his way? Just left his post (officially).
  13. How did the game go? Stranraer will fancy their chances at home now surely?
  14. Wishaw beat St Joe's a few weeks ago in the Cup as well. Where is the final game being played are St Joe's or Wishaw at home?
  15. I'm pretty sure OBC beat St Joe's 3-1. First half was a very tight game with St Joe's being on top for the most of it but OBC scored at the right times in the game. The poster you quote seems to have a massive bee in his bonnet with The Caley for some reason.
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