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  1. It’s got the Scott Thomson Coca Cola cup gk top vibes
  2. The collar is stinking tho, must be some type o technology hing
  3. The folk that hate the kit are defo socks with sandals type
  4. Oor Dick was brilliant in the play offs, he was a oya fucker, wear did that come from.. to me anyway… he’s defo a uplifting character you want in the dressing room and on the pitch or pitch side.
  5. Easton would of had Deece prem teams wanting him, hopefully Easton been sold on the signings ambitions and that we can go up as champions
  6. No really thought he was a baddie on the clock, but Doolan sound as. A like partick proper glasgow team just shan what happened a few years ago
  7. A think McNeil has a big future and with Thomson and Dabrowski around him I’d give him a new contract. Solid shot stopper just neeeds to be more commanding with his crosses. But hey McGurn was the same
  8. As always gid c***s among the enemy a totaol hate the smug pompous fans . But at the end o the day we support oor local team.
  9. Big Dunc obviously hates us, but a still love him. The gimpy usual suspects rovers fans hate um cause they canny let things go. Just like a their first break up or cause their a middle bairn
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