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  1. And I thought Accies' home top would be the most pathetic thing to come out of the Championship yesterday. Feel for you, lads.
  2. Maybe there are age restrictions on the competition. Still a wee surprised that you've only got one goalkeeper over the age of 15, but I suppose padding out the bench for the U18s isn't high up on anyone's agenda.
  3. Is there an actual photograph of this kit anywhere, rather than just a still from a weird video? It looks horrendous, not helped by the mad proportions which suggest it might be an XXXXL top? Either that or it's just terribly designed.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the story with the Pars youth setup now that you don't have a teenage goalkeeper who can sit on the bench? Is it like the Rovers where your youth system is technically a different entity? I was under the impression that leaving Fife Elite and building the new training facilities were all based around a fully integrated youth setup?
  5. I'd argue the opposite. He was only used as a lone striker, and seemed completely unsuited to it. Perpetually offside, unable to win headers, not controlling the ball or holding it up to bring others into the game. If you can get a second striker alongside him and significantly limit the amount of time he spends with his back to goal, you might get a lot more joy out of him.
  6. We've been credited with an interest in Gabby McGill, and Murray spoke to The Courier about him. Five league goals last year doesn't have me praying for news before I close my eyes at night, mind.
  7. Out of possession, Ferguson looks like he's drilling for an away game at Ibrox or Parkhead. Whole team dropping to within 35 yards of the goal line, letting the Rovers have the ball and closing off all the passes. Billy McKay must be depressed as f**k.
  8. If I'd lost five derbies in a row, I'd be trying to downplay their importance too.
  9. If you're planning on playing a back four and you don't have a massive budget, I'd say Corr is pretty ideal as a 'third' centre half. He's good enough that he can hold his own at this level, but not ready to play 36 games yet.
  10. Significant downgrade on Josh Edwards, but I suppose that's to be expected. He's been at Championship level for the last couple of seasons, but hasn't been able to claim a starting spot, even in a poor-to-average Rovers side. He'll have developed a bit since then, but I don't know how much good a year on the bench at Firhill will have done him. That Thistle wanted him to return exclusively to be backup to Harry Milne and the Pars have got him (presumably) with the intention of starting him every week quite neatly summarising the gaps in the level of squad building between sides in the division this summer.
  11. A week or two back, the FFP had Murray giving the team extra time off, and noted today as the first day back.
  12. Only question mark with Ashcroft is his fitness, particularly when he'll actually be fit again. There was never a prognosis offered other than "out for the season" last year. No idea if he's going to be 100% for day one of pre-season or if he's still weeks/months away. Quality-wise though, as good as you'll get in terms of a big Championship unit who has been the distance. You're never going to get silky football out of him, but you'll not lose many headers either.
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