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  1. Also no sign of Hanlon or Brown in gym today unless they were in the upstairs studio, or if I was blind and just didn't see them.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dapo_Mebude This boy was in Gym64 today training with the rest of the players.
  3. Ayr won a watch scouring the English leagues and finding Dipo Akinyemi but as Broken Algortithms mentioned it's a gamble on what type of player you'll get. Albeit not from England I think it's fair to say Murray gambled on Frederiksen who turned out to be utter gash so would probably be hesitant to sign someone for the sake of it especially if outwith Scotland.
  4. Talking of signing targets can we sign Graeme Kilgour as the new tannoy announcer?
  5. Ditto. Wasn't keen after the reveal last night but after seeing it in the flesh today it's quite nice so me and the laddie ended up getting it. We're away on our holibags tomorrow so it's all packed for our travels. Perfect timing
  6. We got a bespoke home and away top last season. Not even Prem clubs get bespoke tops each season so we've probably had our quota for a while.
  7. If we win the league I'll buy it when it's down to £25 just to say I've got the title winning top
  8. It looks a lot better in the recent picture on Rovers Twitter. Last Rovers top I bought was the 2022/23 one, did not like last seasons top at all. Not 100% sold on this one, will get a better look in person tomorrow.
  9. Why do clubs not involve fans in this sort of thing? Like whittle it down to 4 designs or something and give fans opportunity to pick their favourite
  10. Depends if the club are fussed about it being leaked before tomorrow's open day. Are folk tonight allowed to take photos and what not? If so I'd imagine it'll be all over social media this evening. Edit: Also see the Rovers site is saying the new shop outside the Penman Stand will be open tomorrow so guessing that's the big portakabin that's been sitting there for ages.
  11. I get we've only got the game against EF to go on but I'd have no qualms dropping Murray with Hanlon and Fordyce being our first choice centre backs. Thought Fordyce looked really good, done a power of talking and organising and looks like a no nonsense defender that can Marvin Andrews'esque header the ball clear or play it on the deck if needed. Hanlon though looked different gravy, at one point bombing up the wing to the byline like some maruading winger Stevenson as well just oozes class, his touch, vision and reading of the game is a cut above what we've seen before in our backline. Quite liked the look of our 'ageing' backline.
  12. Initial thoughts after today is Stevenson and Hanlon look the business.
  13. Glad to know you agree the SPFL Chief Operating Officer is wrong in his above article.
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