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  1. Wasn't expecting much from today as we are still a few players short but happy enough with the win. Telfer seemed a yard off the pace and Brophy wasn't really in the game. Very even game but I didn't think Laidlaw had too much to do. White missed an absolute sitter of a header from 6 yards out over the bar. Looking forward to seeing Hale on Tuesday night since he was suspended today.
  2. He's suspended. I don't know why he wouldn't be serving his 1 match suspension carried over from NI Cup competitions v Stranraer though unless he wasn't registered in time? It's an odd one.
  3. I thought Baldwin was consistently very good in his own 18 yard box at defending crosses or blocking shots. Get him turned though and you were always expecting a desperate lunge at some point each match. Aberdeen had him sussed. Overall a good player and captain for us but also the right time for both parties to cut ties.
  4. Once we have Hale and possibly Garrick signed we're not in too bad a place. Still plenty time before the league season starts but more pace wouldn't go a miss. I'd imagine we've no chance but I'm still dreaming Jamie Lindsay is going to come back.
  5. Jordan Garrick apparently the trialist today. Looks like he can play as a winger or upfront. Previously at Forest Green but played at Swansea with Dhanda.
  6. Bid accepted for Ronan Hale. I'd imagine Murray will be sold not long after this is completed.
  7. I think 14 players have left including Turner and Henderson this season. 10 is hardly an unrealistic figure if 5 are going to be more to fill the squad. If 5 was the case we're only adding 2 more before the window shuts?
  8. Fergie was quoted in the paper saying they are looking to do 5 signings for the squad and 5 to improve the starting XI. I'm fine with getting a cheap No.2 GK in permanently other than the constant seasons of almost having to play the loan goalkeeper 10 games a season. Hamilton has been a fairly calamitous figure in the top flight though so I don't think Laidlaw has much too worry about.
  9. You could argue Nightingale if we were playing with 3 CB's but yes attacking creative midfielders and some pace is severely lacking.
  10. Seems odd to announce a new 1 year deal for Max Sheaf when he was already under contract? I'm guessing he joined us for pennies and he's been rewarded with a better deal.
  11. I didn't mind him but I'm not that bothered he's away. Our fans had too high expectations for him because of the goals he scored the season before he joined but we rarely played him in the same position that he played at Hamilton.
  12. Those season ticket prices seem wild for League 1 football although I understand the financial pressures that they're currently facing. £70 cheaper for an over 65 to watch Premiership football in The Jailend than the North Stand in Inverness. The Jailend is only £10 dearer than the North Stand for an adult to watch football two divisions above.
  13. Very nice effort from us this year. Especially going back to white shorts and red socks too.
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