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  1. 'Mon then Bears, in a season packed full of banter moments i dont want to be triggered thinking about, hows about serving up a fresh shitburger for the packers playoff hopes. At Lambeu. And Getsy still employed as OC. And the shit the bed prevent defence tactics in the last 8-10mins of EVERY fucking half since Flus began. Gonny just 'mon?* *this space reserved for morganfreemantheydidnaemon.gif *
  2. The 'Tank Bowl' Classic. 'Clash of the Shite-ens' Unsure if Fields having a chance of returning after a short week will make any difference to da Bears. Will settle for giving under 50 yards on penalties this week. Baby steps and that.
  3. Caught most of the Bears hilarious attempt at being a pro football team last night and wow, they went full bears. If one or two parts of the defense are having a rough night you have a shot at riding it out but when everything goes at once it's really entertaining to watch in a 'might as well laugh' kinda way. One of the few decent hits we did make was on our own fucking teammate putting him out ffs. Even worse than last year and i didnt think that was possible after the money they spaffed up the wall in the summer. Only bright spot was Bagent's performance who could be a reliable backup QB if he was coached by anybody but the muppets at Hallas Hall.
  4. Astros Phillies WS with Astros taking the lot with a game to spare was my bet before they started yesterday. Starting to look like I'm as good* at baseball betting as I am at fitba betting. * Editors note : replace 'as good' with fucking useless
  5. They'll have to get their finger oot even though its still early days in the series. Valdez ran through the whole lineup in the first giving up 5hits for four runs quickly followed by a one two three sit doon by the top of the order. And theres another first pitch single to open the top of the second. Long may the astros arse collapse.
  6. Oh. Ya. Fxckin. Belter. We're winning the whole fxckin thing lads.
  7. 'Mon the crazy scots, Intae these paella shaggers heid first.
  8. Unless they upgraded since March theres hee haw bar wise before security, best bets one of the hotels.
  9. I think its the right call given how spectacularly it's blown up however the Bears going FullBearsMax in how they're dealing with it,and the Williams situation,and Eberflus being a marzipan dildo,and the whole organization appearing toxic from top to bottom, was surprising even for the Bears. I would honestly settle for going one week of this season without a clown in the minefield moment and take that as a W cos it's the only fucking thing we're winning. Apologies for the rant, I should be used to the annual Bears binfire
  10. Diamonds Annual Transfer Window Checklist Update* Ma pal's cousin's alky uncle sez... - ITK randobollocks - Folk raging about a signing with a week of the window to go - Coyle / Stewart returning - TBC 30th Anniversary Quitongo signing - Suspended Indefinitely * I reserve the right to lose my shit if this does conclude our transfer business this window.
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