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  1. Another wild shout is putting Lewis Strapp in there ahead of Edwards/Milne/Hancock considering he's only played half a season.
  2. No Andy Ryan or Allan Russell? Could probably put Prunts in that bracket as well.
  3. Ferrie Megwa Gallagher Holt Hancock Stanton Docherty Telfer Paton Graham Vaughan
  4. Gutted but not surprised, he'll go with our best wishes. So many good memories and goals I won't forget (Falkirk away) glad to see he's got something sorted and will get a good send off whenever our last game is.
  5. Unrelated note but did anyone else see Tam Courts at the game on Tuesday night, seen him sitting in our end bit odd why he wouldnt just sit in the main stand if he was just there to take the game in.
  6. Would you not if the majority of posters predicted on here that you were a cert for finishing in the bottom 2?
  7. I think so, him and Fordyce are only turning 32 in the summer I'm not so sure they'll want to stop playing so soon think they'll feel they've got another couple of years left at championship level but money talks at the end of the day. Aberdeen looks an unlikely destination, possibly a move down south? I'm sure they'll be interest in them.
  8. What a night what a season what a team!!! So many highlights this season, the Raith fans being ushered away on the street by the police after the 3rd went in is another one to add to the collection this season, hope they enjoy school tomorrow
  9. Yeah I think there'll be a couple of changes, wouldn't be surprised to see Lyall and McGregor in
  10. Really see this game as a free hit for us tonight given that we won on Saturday, although a win would be amazing tonight I feel its more of a must win for Raith than us. Would be delighted to take a point and keep the confidence high for Saturday for which could be our biggest game of the season.
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