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  1. Didn't think it was that easy a chance to be fair. All in all, very underwhelming afternoon. Poor performances across the park - Kane, MFW, Hamilton all well below par. No intensity, no real desire, and little quality. KRH very quiet but unsurprising given the bizarre setup. McCann's time is done - if we want to be challenging next season, the bar needs to be raised significantly. Been some really good shot stopping from Mehmet last few weeks but he's absolutely the worst for slowing the game down. Absolutely zero urge to win that game in last 10 minutes and with Airdrie taking a pasting, the outside chance of top 4 was still there. Not for Mehmet, who was more than happy with nil nil. Get that attitude out of here. Brutal. Don't think McPake was too happy either. Needs to be a significant turn over in squad. Almost entire bench can go and some of that first team would be lucky to find themselves in any starting XI next season if that's what they think is acceptable. McPake too would do well to reflect on what was a poor setup and far too late to change team up. Frustrating. I'd like to say season is now over but if these guys aren't careful, a slip against ICT next week coupled with Queens Park beating relegated Arbroath would very much set up a horrendous last day of season. Potential was there to consolidate 5th place and head in to off season with some optimism. Instead, I'm dreading next 2 weeks. Not good enough.
  2. Yep. With Airdrie looking out of reach, planning for next season is hopefully starting. Players need to go out and look to win all remaining games and at least, give the impression of a club building up for a big season next year. Coaching staff are hopefully already looking at who can be moved on and who can be brought in. Club need to think and act like a top 4 club as a minimum. With the new training ground starting to spin up, hopefully now able to start moving in and getting ready for a very important pre-seeason.
  3. I'd take both. Graham is a great out and out striker, Kane would be a great man to play off him. I'd sign Kane in an instant but he's not the complete answer. If we want to winning this league next season, we'll need Kane and a 15+ goal a season striker. Obviously, this is likely a pipe dream but scoring goals must be addressed next season. One new striker is not enough. McCann, Holmes, Wighton, MOH, Summers, Moffat, even Jakubiak if required, can all make way if it frees up wages for upgrades in the striker department.
  4. As others have noted, the mobility and athleticism has been night and day since Otoo and Hamilton moved into midfield and it's a shame when it's clear some players' time is up with the club because they no longer meet the expected benchmark. The guy has done a decent shift and it shouldn't be forgotten that he was key in helping us return to Championship at the first time of asking. He doesn't deserve half the shit he takes. And he's certainly not the only one that should be left behind if this club wants to raise the bar. I just hope there's a deal can be made with a club that allows him first team football before he becomes a bigger scapegoat for a section of our support. We're going to need to strengthen midfield if we can. Hamilton and Otoo need stronger competition and backup, and Chalmers nor Allan currently fit the bill. At some point, we're also going to see offers for Otoo. I hope these guys can move on soon to a club where they can play first team football as it's unlikely to be here.
  5. Patrick surely have nothing to worry about. Raith win and Airdrie kept at a distance. Airdrie win and I think the top 4 are locked in. That said, our remaining fixtures are more forgiving than Airdrie's so next week's game would be massive if Raith do the business on Tuesday. We need a Raith win on Tuesday to keep top 4 a possibility. I'd be happy with 5th though after what has been a shocker of a season. Looking forward to the close season where Im hoping to see a little clear out and some signings to strengthen the squad. Starting with MFW and Chris Kane.
  6. A few days of rain?! It's been unrelenting for a while now. The common grounds over by us are flooded to an extent we've never seen and all golf courses here have been closed for days and unlikely to reopen for days. I don't think there's any shame if game is off, if only to try and not completely ruin the pitch for remainder of season.
  7. No brainer for me. Kane in; Jakubiak in a wider left position for Summers. Everything great that Jak did last week was as a left-sided attacker, not an out and out striker. Summers is struggling, as you might expect for someone that age. Simple swap for me.
  8. A win over the league leaders doesn't convince me that we've suddenly turned into a top 4 team - while Friday was another step in the right direction, we have to be honest and say that United were absolutely stinking for most of the game. But yes, we're looking better and there's the making of a decent starting XI and the aim for the remainder of the season is to try and have some stability with minimal disruption. Team pretty much picks itself now all the way through the team except one position - if Kane is fit, he plays and Summers drops out (although I wouldn't have Summers as a starter), if he's not fit, it's one from McCann/Moffat/Summers. Wouldn't be surprised if we lost; wouldn't be surprised if we win. Looking for a strong showing from the defence again and not look like we did in the last 20 minutes against United.
  9. Yeah, Summers not adding enough for me. But I do think the club are asking or expecting too much of him. Doesn't always look fit and is pretty lightweight to be starting so regularly. Definitely a very technical player and has decent prospects, but I'd prefer to use him less. Really need to improve the MOH, Summers, Moffat, Holmes, McCann, Wighton group in summer. Stark, stark difference as we moved from Hamilton and Otoo to Allan and Chalmers. Felt a bit sorry for Chalmers... looked well off the pace and isn't going succeed alongside Allan.
  10. A final note. Well done to Section North West last night. Vocal, raucous at goals and kept pyros away from playing field. When doing well, they become focal point of the club and you could see that from the players' reaction at the end. I know there's a very small minority ruining it for everyone, and giving both the section and the club a bad name, but last night shows it's easy enough to support our club with passion and noise and pyros without being a total dickhead. Well played.
  11. Outstanding win. All round good team performance. Winning headers, organised at back, more energy in middle of park... Everything we were missing in middle of season. Some highlights... Fagan-Walcott: A find. Hope we've already started talks about permanent contract. Jakubiak: As others have said, he was man of the match tonight. Had a role in all three goals I think, held ball up well, and was a constant danger in attack. Now seeing why I'd happily keep him around next season. KRH: Fantastic. Was unsure about bringing him back so quickly but posed a decent threat but showed great composure that we've lacked previously. One final note. Well done James McPake. Guy has been under immense pressure and taken lots of stick, and you could see that pressure release when 3rd goal went in. It's only fair he's judged when he has his strongest squad available and we're starting to see a better return on his work. There's the foundation of a really good squad there. Been some guff last few months - last night was a good night.
  12. What's the weather outlook? I assume there's a pitch inspection - was poor for Airdrie and there's been a tonne more rain this week.
  13. Fair play to Raith. Still not seeing anything that suggests they are anything special but their ability to keep scoring is outstanding. And yes, I'm aware of how Pars fare in comparison.
  14. Can't argue with this list really, other than Kane - he's a great addition to squad and I would be trying to add another striker to complement him. It's quite clear we aren't going to clean out that whole list so it's a question of priorities. Goalkeeper and forwards are my top priority now. If we assume we have better luck with injuries next season, defence and midfield needs tinkering while goalkeeper and forwards are now critical. I'm done with Mehmet unfortunately and I think the lack of quality forwards has been a major issue all season. I'd be starting with those positions and working from there. Still OK with McPake but like everyone else, performance levels need to improve. Needs to find more out of his coaching team and the squad. Don't think this is currently a fair reflection of him as a manager. And being honest, if we sacked him, I don't have confidence about what managers are on the market.
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