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  1. It will be funny when Edinburgh Uni beat Gretna on the final day to go second bottom but then get relegated a month later anyway when the Highland champions beat Clyde/Stranraer to go up.
  2. In terms of the general point of private car parks, is it reasonable to give someone a £100+ invoice for overstaying in a free car park whilst they are shopping, for example?
  3. Funnily enough the Lowland League Cup is now being played during the season, started this month, QFs were in midweek. As of yesterday a licensed club in the NCL can no longer win the title.
  4. Pretty sure the coaching certificate requirements are no different for L2 and the LL as both are Entry level. Though next season a B licence is needed for the SPFL due to a Bronze licence, and then in 2025 they need to be working towards an A licence.
  5. Admission by application as mentioned, though it needs all three tier 6 champions to not have a licence - as it stands next season only one EOS Premier club (currently 12th in the league) would be without a licence... Glasgow University surely...
  6. In the league yes, but there is a difference as the EOS League Cup is still to be played. Broxburn have a free Saturday soon due to a bye in the first round and then a second round game to come. They also have a midweek EOS Qualifying Cup quarter final at Tranent so possibly a semi or even final as well. Though Broxburn play Jeanfield in April so they could have the title wrapped up much earlier than the WOS champion...
  7. There was only one defender around, but he was in front of the attacker so no idea how the referee could think it was DOGSO. In fact not even sure what offence you would be giving the GK a yellow, can it even be classed as stopping a promising attack when the attacker didn't have possession and the defender would've cleared it?
  8. Previously it was only ground part of the licence for Prem/Champ clubs needing to be Bronze (how Airdrie are where they are), now it is the entire licence for all SPFL clubs.
  9. "The panel is drawn from former top level managers, player and coaches, and is guided by experts on the Laws of the Game." Who as we all know, are experts in the modern game... "While an offside decision earlier in the attacking move meant no penalty would have been awarded in any case, the IRP examined the incident and believe Collum should have recommended an on-field review for a potential penalty. That review would then have triggered an offside check and a free kick given to Celtic." In other words, the panel wanted more time to be wasted on a referee going to a screen just to have a goal kick changed to an offside a few metres away? We saw it on the Livi v Hibs game (corner) and then on another game recently (can't remember which) where this happened. And an incident involving Rangers Jose Cifuentes was also highlighted. The midfielder was shown a yellow card for a challenge against Dundee in December which was upgraded to a red card after a pitchside review. Rangers then submitted an appeal to an independent tribunal but lost, with Cifuentes suspended and Rangers paying a £500 fee. The IRB felt VAR shouldn’t have been involved at all and that the initial yellow card was sufficient punishment. So the VAR, then on-field referee, and an independent tribunal agreed with the red card, but this other independent panel don't? Just goes to show how people will never agree on things...
  10. It's pretty simple really, the VAR selects the closest point to the goal on the body of each player (not hands or arms) with their crosshair and the technology does the rest to produce the offside lines to account for the camera angle. VAR didn't rule the goal, it was given offside by the assistant and confirmed as correct by VAR.
  11. A reminder of the differences between Entry are on this post below. For EK and Brechin already with Bronze grounds, these are the differences. 6.1 Training and Coaching Facilities for Senior Players Suitable training facilities (written evidence) 6.3 Medical and First Aid Facilities for Senior Players Rehabilitation Medical examination facility (not third party) 6.4 Medical and First Aid Provision for Senior Players at Matches Club doctor/paramedic, physiotherapist, medical bag 6.6 Team Manager/ Head Coach B licence from 2025 and have started A licence course 6.7 First Team Coaches B licence 6.8 Club Doctor or Medical Officer Clubs shall have one 6.9 Club Therapist Clubs shall have one 6.10 Goalkeeping Coach Clubs shall have one 8.4 Finance Manager Clubs shall have a professional one 8.5 Safety Officer Clubs shall have a qualified one 8.11 Annual Financial Statements Stricter, prepared by qualified accountant 8.13 Insolvency Events Not since June 2020 8.17 Attendance at a Scottish FA Organised Event on Refereeing Matters Manager/coach and team captain (instead of just someone from the club) 8.19 Diversity and Inclusion The club shall identify the training requirements for staff and key volunteers and create a learning development plan within the equality action plan.
  12. This is what losing to Gretna in the cup does to a person. Suppose you've been lucky this season that all of your Junior Cup games have been at home or away to WOS teams rather than travelling north of the Tay?
  13. Quarter final and semi final draws. Good chance of a club that plays in Cumbernauld being in the final at Broadwood...
  14. Quarter final and semi final draws. Good chance of a club that plays in Cumbernauld being in the final at Broadwood...
  15. That's nothing to do with VAR, it's a basic rule in football... I mean you should know the four things that VAR checks for so as it's not for a goal check it has to be for a possible penalty or red card.
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