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  1. Also if Gunn was to get injured I’d 100% be sticking Gordon in goals.
  2. I’ve not been paying too much attention but I’m assuming the thread has bombarded that survey with pakora, paneer and other Indian delicacies?
  3. The Legends are a great watch.
  4. The “all the goals” from the season is up on YouTube and I watched it while eating my breakfast this morning. Just a few thoughts: They missed the 3 goals at Pittodrie. We had some amount of comebacks. By f**k we are really going to miss Blair Spittal. I missed a lot of games this season.
  5. I usually leave on the second last lap of the third BTCC race and I’m out in 5 minutes. I also usually move my car forward after the second BTCC race or during the lunch break for a quicker getaway.
  6. I’d imagine it won’t be that busy busy mate.
  7. Parking is just on the grass on the hill at Knockhill - the Marshalls direct you where to go. A RWD car will struggle at certain parts if it’s a wet day. It’s usually mega busy on the Sunday. I get there between half 7 and 8 to avoid the long queues and you get a nosy round the paddock when it’s not rammed with people. The food is expensive so I’d advise bringing something with you. There are loads of food stalls though. There are big screens at the hairpin and the other side of Duffus Dip so they are decent bits to watch. Also take waterproofs. The BTCC is class.
  8. I’m not that bothered about drinking at the football these days to be honest. Will quite happily drive up to Montrose on a Tuesday night.
  9. Just from the last few pages, I’d happily take both Mallen and Fraser. What was the chat with Fraser again? He was happy to come to us but Hearts put in a better offer to Charlton?
  10. His first job as coach is to burn the memory of Oli Shaw.
  11. He’ll have his St Mirren scarf above his head in no time.
  12. There was one in the rain maybe in the early 2000s but in general it is utter shite.
  13. Just when you think the Barclays won’t have a Scottish manager, another one appears.
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