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  1. Aye Wullie collum is a f****n c**t and cause we beat the rangurs the refs are out to get us
  2. I think the away strip is great. Casey signing is awesome a win tomorrow what a great weekend
  3. Tam Courts saying he wants back into management? Did well with Dundee Utd although I've accepted the best we could do is the playoffs and we could have almost a full new team next week I think SH has to accept he can't do the job with the players we have
  4. Are the £ and decimal point included as figures in the fee? £10.00
  5. We all knew this season would be tough but the soft goals we're losing and lack of fight in midfield is a joke. If we bring in 2 or 3 players most likely on loan we could survive this season. Which when Hammel took over was probably his realistic goal this season
  6. Before the game Hammel hadn't worked with the first team. So no surprise about lineup. Next week hopefully see a different style of play/formation assume Hammel still in charge. Add into that Lamie suspended Slattery back mcginn possibly injured SOD back and confidence boost of winning and st Johnston opponents. In my head I know expect boring shit game with ref blowing for a foul every time there is almost contact but heart we're going to win the league. Mon the the well
  7. Lamie could also sign for another team if he doesn't go to Dundee.
  8. I don't believe it. I love Tony. He is one of the best players I've ever seen in a well jersey until he's holding a scarf above his heed saying playing for .... Is a a massive club. I will fully support him and until he stops giving 100% I won't doubt him or stop supporting him or the the team
  9. The more talk about this the more I m getting worried about it. Genuinely gutted about it next you'll be telling me there is no Santa
  10. Is being our captain a curse. SOD has been poor Gallagher wasn't great the season he was captain Hartley couldn't get in the team McHugh lost his form. Maybe we should make Crawford captain.
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