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  1. Leon McCann taking the photo or did he no go?
  2. Can't wait to update my pieandbovril favourite on Google chrome to point to the Championship forum
  3. I echo this, wont begrudge him a move on...although with the Hamilton game coming up, i strongly suspect it is Accies up to their tricks again (because they worked so well last game). All we need now is for Hamilton to switch ends before kick off and they have basically won the league. The first place I saw the latest Morrison rumour was a random Accies fan page
  4. I hope Hartleys car gets a flat tyre on the way up the road
  5. 4 inches in grangemouth which usually means more in other parts of Falkirk
  6. We thinking its maybe Blair Alston at right back? He played there a few times from memory
  7. Is it generally free parking at the stadium for friendlies?
  8. Think Hogarth in goal brought out the best in Donaldson last year so could be a good thing - get a good partner along side Donaldson will be key
  9. Guess the starting line up tonight...seems they are not telling us
  10. Football Christmas day is upon us, lets hope for a great game of football and a good referees performance. No shit songs about this n that and just enjoy the evening for what it is. COYB
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