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  1. Everyone: having a sensible conversation about how this development will affect all clubs outside the premiership that rely on artificial pitches financially. Basing this on evidence from the Lancet journal and from personal experience of the 10,000 seat rule which also affected Airdrie. Airdrie fan: BuT YOu WoN'T GEt PrOmoTEd.
  2. Really pissed off to be honest it just does not follow any logic whatsoever. The teams that currently can't afford a grass pitch are the teams that also won't be able to afford the top tier pitch maintenance/groundskeeping/under pitch heating for grass either. Especially with losing the regular income from pitch rental. So we are effectively replacing good artificial pitches with inevitably shit grass pitches. Dundee is a prime example of that. And so the issue of having some good pitches and some bad pitches will still prevail, but it will just be grass instead. And multiple postponements as a result. Wonder what the SPFL will find to complain about when they realise that? That's not even considering the utter hypocrisy of celtic having a hybrid pitch. Even they can't maintain a grass pitch to the top standard year round.
  3. That's good to hear at least but as you say there would still be a massive financial disadvantage. Might as well not have any prize money at all even with promotion if it all then has to go on the pitch before we even make a signing. Same for any team in the same situation. Unbelievable.
  4. There is a 50% chance a team with a plastic pitch will win the league. Hypothetically, if we won a promotion spot either by winning the league or through playoffs we will be very likely unable to pay for a pitch replacement and it would be our second time being denied promotion irrespective of footballing merit. Unbelievable prospect that the sfa/spfl are happy to support.
  5. Must have been changed with the knowledge that Raith have a chance being in the premiership next season so better to safeguard their clubs just in case.
  6. This makes the pitch debate even worse, you're already putting the championship club at a financial disadvantage of £1million compared to the bottom end teams but to then insist on them spending a further £1.2million to change to a grass pitch? Not to mention any loss of income from pitch renting.
  7. In fact here they are. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/mental-health-services/
  8. If that is the case I really hope you don't believe making comments about it as a stranger on a forum for everyone to see while referring to their opinions in a negative way is a good way to support someone? Either way you've made an error here. If you genuinely are concerned there are a bunch of resources on the NHS website that you could refer them to privately.
  9. Certainly some strange stuff has been said but surely you can do better than this. Either you're making a joke about mental health which is out of order or you are using mental health to discredit someone's opinion without knowing them or their background and that's equally out of order or you are simply implying that some differing opinions must imply mental disorders. Really thought in this day and age when we have literally just had clubs promoting mental health support last week we would be beyond making statements like this. Might not seem that big a deal but it impacts people whether you mean it to or not and it's something I hold close to my heart so will always call stuff like this out even if you've not had bad intentions there.
  10. Really interesting from the Falkirk FC podcast to hear the work Jamie has been doing with the SPFL and other full time clubs with artificial pitches to put forward a case for amending the vote into something that considers quality of pitch over an outright ban. Sounds like great work from all involved and can only hope it works
  11. So you've told someone they shouldn't talk about signings or number of signings because they don't know the managers budget and I've asked why talking about that isn't allowed or questions McGlynn since it's standard discussion but I am the one stifling discussion? Hilarious. Make it make sense. Will leave this here as I said don't want to start a back and forth which I inadvertently have. My error on that one
  12. Don't want to get into a back and forth with you BPM as it's been a fantastic end to the season and think we all want a positive note here but I think you know that's not the point I was making. Everyone is entitled to have discussions about future players and signing potential and it doesn't make it an attack on McGlynn or the club to hypothesise and debate. Something which everyone has been doing since our last game. But you've chosen to latch on to one fairly innocent comment which was not in any way more critical than what anyone else was saying. Conversations about potential signings is one of the things that gets most people through the anticipation of the close season so there is literally no valid reason at all for you to try and stifle that discussion about prospects.
  13. To be fair here, not saying you're wrong about the past and McGlynn has absolutely earned our trust. But there has been pages and pages of discussion about players coming in or out and opinions of that and discussion about potential numbers as is normal in every close season. But you've chosen only one fairly innocent comment to jump on as if it was some crazed critique of McGlynn as a manger and the board budgeting. Think Pedro has been very positive of late (as everyone should be) so think it's fair that we all get to contribute to the close season discussions as is the function of this forum without immediately jumping to open up old wounds.
  14. That was a sickening read. Won't comment much more as others have covered the main points but unbelievable there are still fans that seem to think that way. We just had 7000 fans at our last game of the season. At least 4000 of them don't have season tickets, but somehow they are less important
  15. Thought so because otherwise it would be really strange to look down on someone else's opinion of a podcast for their club that they want to support wouldn't it? No worries, try again next year
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