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  1. Aye, you wouldn't bet against Alloa getting something at NDP tomorrow. They still have a lot to play for, and on current form, could very well catch Accies and pip them to 2nd place. Hamilton are 1-2 more defeats away from a total collapse and Alloa will surely know this.
  2. I personally think the guy that ends up winning it will be Miller, Morrison or Lang, and it's tighter than two coats of paint! Finn is a cert for young player of the year. Most improved Nesbitt. Signing of the season MacIver.
  3. I'll go against the grain a little and say Calvin Miller. I'm so impressed with how direct he is and his composure in front of goal is surprisingly good for a winger. He's arguably a bit more consistent than Callumn. As you say though, you could make an argument for any of the above. Just goes to show how brilliant of a season it's been so far! I'm genuinely excited to see who will end up winning it.
  4. So used to doom and gloom thar we've gotta find SOMETHING to moan about, I think. Can't moan about the team because they're sexy
  5. Where did the ultras sit last time we were away at Stirling? Was going to buy tickets but I don't want any hassle and ideally would like to sit where I've picked. Leave me alone - I'm auld and crabbit
  6. I've upvoted you in anticipation of Rennie's inevitable dotting
  7. I take it @Rennieballand @Super Tuesdayare the same person, seeing as they both just downvote everything I post? So pointless hahaha
  8. Marked improvement, no question. I know Oliver isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like him. He isn't a starter but he always seems to make an impact when he comes off the bench. He's scored a couple of absolute peaches now and looks like he wants to be here. I'd be happy to see him kept on for next season. Hope he scores against Morton next season
  9. Right, yeez can aw get the "IF we go up" patter in the bin. We're going up. End of. COYB.
  10. Hard to argue with this. Should we win on Tuesday v Montrose, we'd be 14 points clear of a shaky Hamilton who haven't won 3 games on the bounce since September. We might not win all of our remaining games, but Hamilton absolutely will not win all of their remaining games. The thing is - their players will know this too. They'll be focused on consolidating 2nd place because Alloa are on a fantastic run of form and I reckon they'll cut the 10 point gap fairly easily.
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