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  1. I finally decided to vote for Finn. I like his wholehearted commitment, his youth and confidence. There's a bit of Tiger about him .
  2. I must have been standing next to you, richd.
  3. Tell us about that game, please. Are you thinking of the League Cup win in 1971?
  4. I also noticed Mc Glynn giving Yeats a bit of criticism when he lost the ball. Good to see that standards are high.
  5. I think you have got to the root of the problem.
  6. Rennie, Tiger, Kennedy,Baillie,Baptie, Hughes, Crunchie, Stainrod, Johnny Graham, Tam Young, Craigie Watson (obviously). As far as I know most of these guys are still alive.
  7. Stewart Kennedy and Gary Gillespie were both substitutes.
  8. Stewart Kennedy and Gary Gillespie were both substitutes.
  9. I was reading a report in the Falkirk Herald yesterday which was complaining about Puddefoots inconsistent form. The reporter expressed his frustration that such a talented player showed his skill so infrequently in a Falkirk FC shirt. Does this sound familiar?
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