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  1. Still waiting on my 3 coming through. Still plenty time but would rather just have them and have peace of mind.
  2. Yeah still very frustrating though. Really hope they haven't underestimated demand.
  3. Really hope another run off invincible merch is on the way. Feel like a mug for not being quick enough to get my mug.
  4. Community pitch is a big downgrade in quality compared to the main pitch.
  5. A tiger never changes its stripes as they say. Should be an SPFL wide vote. Hypothetically 33% of the Premiership could be different by the time the changes are to be implemented yet the current 12 clubs have the ultimate say so. The whole thing stinks.
  6. This is no surprise. Coming up against the best squad in League One. Caley didn't stand a chance.
  7. 66 seats left in the home end. Looks like selling out tonight at the current rate assuming no more can be made available.
  8. Still the same formation. Just not necessarily 2 flat centre half's and just the full backs just need to be more defensive.
  9. My choice would be to play McGinn at the back however not as a flat 4. Ask Mackie to sweep behind and simply just have Yeats and McCann playing a little narrower to kill any space in between. Harms us a little going forward we should have enough without the need to over commit.
  10. It wasn't much a kick. Just a straight leg. He didn't bend his knee to initiate contact. It was more a case of his momentum taking him through.
  11. It was a high foot but it was made a lot worse by Kelty player getting a nudge in the back. If that didn't happen he would not have made contact like that.
  12. I'm pretty sure when we won the league against Ross County in 2005 they only had a single section at the end and the rest of the stand was for Falkirk fans. We've had plenty occasions in the past with of a couple hundred fans sharing the facilities in the main stand so I don't see a reason not to to do it against Alloa in the North stand if we have demand to sell those seats.
  13. Donaldson for me. Level of consistency has been incredible this season. The difference from this season to last is night and day.
  14. Exhale but now a big buzz to go undefeated IMO. Each game still feels big if it means becoming invincible.
  15. Excuse my spelling, I'm a terrible typer. You're a sensitive soul x
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