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  1. I'm directly behind the goal so not the best angle but Lang realised he got caught out, tried to step up when he lost the runner and my initial inpression was that he was on.
  2. You can't and i know that but you'd expect a 90% turnout surely. Some sell outs the stand has looked very sparse in some sections.
  3. Sold out never really means sold out though. The KM stand was sold out for TNS but still had a 100/150 empty seats. I've noticed this quite a bit.
  4. Yeah, not doing it because a dozen Hamilton fans shook a fence in December and now pose a threat is mental.
  5. Crazy that we aren't splitting the North stand IMo.
  6. The foundation already technically support the club being having a block hire on the main pitch. I don't have too many good things to say about the foundation but they do make some form of contributionnto the club.
  7. They didn't need to be they just eliminated our threats. That's what made them think better team.
  8. Nothing to suggest they have a bigger budget. Doesn't mean tonight wasn't an absolute failure. Bottled two cup games in two weeks. Pressure is now on to win the league at a canter since supposedly nothing else matters...
  9. Shat the bed. They were the best organised team. Get 1 goal against Airdrie and they will win it.
  10. On crowds of 300 a week? if anything it will be less. This has just been a big disappointment
  11. Because he has been outsmarted. This team are a level.above anything we've played this year
  12. They don't need to. They just need to make sure we don't. Fucking read the game.
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