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  1. Be interesting to see how young Adams gets on tomorrow although he'll be covering in the wrong position. We don't have a lot of injuries but missing 3 of our first choice back 4 obviously isn't great so I think that will make things more difficult in the league cup but hopefully the guys are all fit for the start of the season.
  2. Would pay £7 for a Bovril and a nice rare steak. Not sure how much money you'd make with the price of steak these days though.
  3. Prices up across the board and from the picture I saw no chicken curry pie which was clearly the best, no burgers and no kids meal, or if there is it will be well up with those shitey roll over hot dogs £5.50 each. The best options replaced by fucking sausage rolls. Think I'll be saving my cash rather than going to the kiosk this year.
  4. Think both the tops look good, I especially like the away one. The only problem is that I hate the collars and cuffs thing on tops, always found it dead uncomfy so won't buy either this year unfortunately.
  5. Spill the beans please, that looks class.
  6. Sneddon will be fine, the type of player we need in the squad I think. Someone we know can do a job in the championship and will be reliable enough in the sticks if he gets a chance. No doubt he'll have a mistake in him but that's true of every player at this level so nothing to worry about.
  7. I think Morrison will do well, he's improved massively in the last 2 years, last year particularly so. That's been helped by the fact that we have threat on the other wing and though the middle so teams can't afford to put 2/3 men on him all game. Will be a good test for him up against generally better players out wide.
  8. Not only that but they got relegated with the worst home record in the league. W 4, D 7, L 8 What an advantage.
  9. I think there will be a bit more budget than predicated, with really good ST sales and however many managers budget uplifts. We will still be a bit behind the 8 ball because of much better prize money for all the championship clubs that they have just gotten but it should be enough for us to be competitive.
  10. The club giving it big licks to supporters about only buying official merch only to release a handful of items in such small numbers that they sell out immediately isn't the best look. Thankfully I didn't hold onto my £20 a bought an unofficial poster.
  11. That release list should free up some funds for the squad. McKay and mcginn would have been on good money and the club advertised that the fss donations paid for tait and Ross, not sure if that would have been a contribution or the whole thing. Hopefully these extra season ticket sales and top ups will see us having a couple of good signings coming in over the next month or 2.
  12. I think we will be seeing you lads in the championship next year. Inverness struggle to score goals, if you can get 1 early in the second leg I think you will cruise it.
  13. That might be the case but he was a solid championship standard of player. Getting rid of him and everyone else like him in the squad we the beginning of our fall.
  14. I think Alfie has improved over the season, with him and McIver it's their first season full time so will hopefully keep improving in training. I would like to keep Ross I think he is very direct, tricky and quick and if he got a run of starts would definitely improve his output.
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