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  1. Read that first time as "Just a cold water tap and a w**k in the yard".
  2. Perhaps. It would depend on the exact nature of the deal among other things.
  3. I didn't say he'd only make money if he played.
  4. A lot of posters seem to be pretty certain nonetheless. Personally when I'm watching golf I couldn't give f**k about how "dull" someone looks or whether they sign loads of autographs etc. I'm watching the quality of their golf. Yesterday Xander's was impeccable, back nine especially, and it was a pleasure to watch. A worthy champion.
  5. Indeed, but this is the USA we're talking about.
  6. Did he comply with the rule? Nice facts m8. It isn't. Anyone moaning about how dull Schauffele, Scheffler are either doesn't really appreciate golf or is an attention seeker. What sh*te.
  7. Decent points, m8, but I believe a structure could be found to suit the circumstances; it's not up to me to come up with that structure. If it was, I'd initially be looking to link appearances to a bonus element in the player's overall wage.
  8. Indeed. "Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after admitting to using EPO and other drugs" Err, no. He didn't admit anything until after his guilt had been established and he'd been stripped of his titles.
  9. Heart as big as a lion's. I've seen a couple of stages of the Tour in France. The first one was 2018 to La Rosiere. The stage G first took yellow on his way to overall victory. We were near the bottom of the final climb in a little village called Seez. All the riders had passed and the crowd was beginning to disperse when we spotted a loan cyclist at the bottom of the climb. It was Cav. Refusing to give up, despite that being the easy option. I gave him as big a cheer as I gave anyone.
  10. I agree with this. Andy must feel that he can help Luke overcome his fitness issues. If he manages that (a la Jack Ross with Flanny) then we've got a top player. If not, well frustrating times again. Perhaps LD's deal is structured to incentivise him to be properly fit to play.
  11. Terrific finishes from Kev and Rankin yesterday. Luke's in particular a classy one. It would be a real plus if the wee man got a run of games and hit form this season. I still think he's as good as anyone we have playing in the middle behind the striker when on form.
  12. Pog's my favourite sportsman in the world just now.
  13. Aye, but what do @QOS1919 and @QoS_1919 think?
  14. All good things come to an end. Best wishes and thanks, Paddy.
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