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  1. I've watched most of the games on FFCTV this season and there has been replays for both of the last two matches after not having them for a number of weeks, hopefully just an issue they have sorted.
  2. Burrell played up front that game but made a few good runs down the right hand side when we were countering.
  3. I remember the crowds being a lot lower than the capacity for those games, definitely would rather have 500 people who could definitely be there than have 200 tickets go to waste.
  4. Presumably the late timing of the announcement is due to him being in the USA, would rather we announced the second everything was signed and confirmed rather than waiting for it to leak out like happened in the summer.
  5. Nowhere near as bad as last season, still rancid but never seen a performance as bad as Cove, Peterhead and Partick last year.
  6. Have to say quite impressed with Ian Fergus and the Development sides so far. Seem to have got reasonably far quite quickly and when you listen to him seems like a guy who knows where he wants to take the project.
  7. Feel like half of his touches are excellent, the other half he barely knows where the ball is.
  8. Also going from a part time gig to a full time one which will always turn heads in football.
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