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  1. No mention about Morrisons absence in the post match interview, wonder what the latest with him is.
  2. Am I missing something? I thought Tait was a 10 (who could play further back if needed). Sure it was Spencer, Ross Matthews and Tait in front of him? As much as I’d like to freshen things up, I’d stick with the same starting 11 and can then freshen things up later. Maybe just scarred by Edinburgh City.
  3. Genuine question, is this when you were top having played one game more? Most other seasons a points return like Hamilton have now would be more than enough. Hamiltons 48 points is the same as top of the Championship. There’s no chucking it, you’ve just come up against a better, more consistent team with a better manager. It sounds like you’re going through what we went through last season.
  4. Didn’t think you’d get any nibbles to that, fair play.
  5. Yes! Sure there was a big points difference too, can anyone remember?
  6. Me, personally, I can’t see us clowns from Grangemouth being able to compete with the best squad in the league here.
  7. This. Genuinely believe some people are more interested in the running of the club than watching the matches. Some people are interested in just the football, and most like a mix of both. But this thread comes alive and adds multiple pages when it’s finance related, time after time.
  8. 9 days to go until we have a game. Lets go through the players who’ve worn the number 9 jersey in League One… Jordan Allan Juan Alegria Leigh Griffiths Michael Ruth Aidan Keena Declan McManus Have I missed any? Some reputable names, some disasters, some neither here nor there. McManus obviously the stand out, thought Alegria was coming into a game, and think Keena split the fan base if I remember right? The other 3 didn’t work out, especially ousting Keena for one up front Ruthball….
  9. Whilst I’m looking forward to seeing him in action, I think it’s a lot to ask of Adams to be a starting right back 3 tiers up from what he’s playing now: As I said in a previous post, IF we get promoted, would give Yeats a one year extension and see how he gets on. But I probably see him more as cover between right back and centre mid, with us getting another right back in. Doubt Yeats or Adams will be on massive wages.
  10. Maybe I’m naive but I didn’t think Morrison would leave this window for a second. Think McGinn has alluded to this being one of the best changing rooms he has been in, why would you want to leave now? Still have plenty offers in the summer no doubt. Perhaps unpopular opinion on this as well but interested in others thoughts. I’d be looking to extend McCann and Yeats contracts too but maybe only a year extension, is that harsh? We’ve let people go out of contract before I guess so maybe what does it matter? The evidence hasn’t been there this season but have a nagging feeling IF (not when, IF) we were to go up, I’d want to upgrade both full backs, or at least have better competition for them both. Not a particularly big fan of Mackie and Bisland will go back to Dundee United. Delighted Col and Hendo on a 2 year deal though, more than capable at that level and extremely important players for us.
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