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  1. We must have signed him about a stone overweight as well, he’s slimmed down a lot since the start of last season.
  2. Just to be clear, I expect him to move on as he will go wherever offers him a better wage. All I am saying is I have heard he likes it at Queens and wouldn’t be against staying next season.
  3. Regardless, we were still robbed blind. He is hopeless.
  4. Was Finlay Gray not close to joining us last year?
  5. Glad he’s away. He’s alright playing in front of the back four but he’s a horrific centre half.
  6. I thought he was out of contract but he still has a year left.
  7. McLelland has already practically said his goodbyes on Instagram recently, so would be surprised to see him back.
  8. We really need to be signing players who are versatile then and avoid players who are injury prone. If this is true then even though I like him, perhaps it’s worth trying to move on Cochrane, his injury record isn’t good enough if we are going with such a small squad.
  9. Walker isn't. Add Cochrane, Church and Mckechnie for players signed up for next season.
  10. Did I miss it within the statement but has it been confirmed whether we are fully full time or going for a hybrid model next season?
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