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  1. Thought Mandron was great today aswell. He copped a fair bit of stick for that penalty last week and you’d expect his confidence to take a hit. I thought Robbo might go with Ayunga today as a result, I’m glad he didn’t. Mika was great, he effectively scored both goals - although he won’t be credited with the first - and led the line superbly all day. A proper number nine performance, start him every week.
  2. FT 2-0 Another routine home win against bottom six fodder. Should have won by more, gutted that Kwon goal was VAR'd it was a thing of beauty and he deserved it. What a signing he's been, added a real bit of dynamism to the midfield that we've been lacking. Shame only have him for half a season. That should be us in top six now, barring something weird happening. Saintees didn't really do anything the whole game, relegation playoffs beckon for them I reckon, again. Hope they go down this time they've been stinking the league out for years.
  3. HT 1-0 Fair reflection, we haven't played great but we've certainly been the better team. Nice bit of fortune about the goal, long ranger from Mandron, took a deflection I think, saved on to the post by the keeper, then hits his back and roles in. Oggie, lovely. Saintees not offered much of anything. Three points on a plate here if we can keep the heed second half. That midfield duo of Kwon and CBM working well. That's who should start every game between now and end of season if fit.
  4. Jamieson gets the nod ahead of Scott again. No one seems to do well in the right side attacking role so might aswell spin the wheel again. Baccus still can’t get a game even after last week. Very sparse support from Perth, even for them.
  5. Don’t agree with this at all. St Mirren have appointed three managers directly from Alloa in my lifetime (Hendrie, Ross and Goodwin) and regularly take punts on guys from the part time teams - Lennon and Murray being other recent examples. In terms of his time at Alloa being ‘bang average’ he got them promoted to the championship and then kept them up? He had a better record with them than either Ross or Hendrie. In terms of his time at St Mirren he inherited a shambles that finished 11th and stayed up on a pen shoot out. We finished 9th in his first season, 7th in his second - when the 0-3 COVID games having to be replayed shafted us - and then left us in the top six in his third. We also performed well in the cups. Like every St Mirren manager there were and downs, but the overall trend was clearly continually upwards. I think COVID has probably contributed to a lot of the retrospective negativity toward his reign. Highlights that would have been hugely memorable (winning at Parkhead, being the only Scottish team to beat Gerard’s Rangers in 90 mins in the season they won the league, winning 1-5 at Tannadice etc) all had to be watched on TV. It just ain’t the same.
  6. Andy loses his second round tie to Jakub Mensik, an 18 year old Czech kid. Another disappointing tournament.
  7. Sure it’s been mentioned on here before but seen Aftersun for the first time at the weekend and still thinking about it now. Superb movie full of nostalgia, a great soundtrack and angst. Young Scottish actress Francesca Corrio is outstanding in the lead role.
  8. You can certainly see why the club was willing to drive a coach and horses through the wage structure to sign Van Veen a couple of weeks ago.
  9. FT 1-0 17 league games without a win eh? Last league win October 7th. Fear not. I don't think we can have any complaints about the result to be honest. For me there is three main reasons we lost that game. Firstly is the lack of quality in the final third that has been evident all season. We got into numerous good positions and had several crosses into the box, nothing from them. Secondly is the dreadfully taken penalty by Mandron. I was surprised when Kiltie was hooked shortly before it, I can only assume that's a fitness thing as he's not the player you'd normally take off when needing a goal. He scored a pen at Easter Road a couple weeks of ago and he'd certainly have taken this one. Alas, that was Mandron first and last penalty for us. He actually went on and missed a chance in the 94th minute that was easier to score than the penalty. A literal tap in at the back post, wide. Thirdly, is poor goalkeeping. The goal is Hemming's fault and he almost cost us a second right after the pen with a terrible kick, he got lucky the subsequent long range effort wasn't on target. Seen a lot of talk about 4th this week, the reality is top six is far from assured. Both Aberdeen and Dundee gaining on us this weekend and both have games in hand. If we keep playing like that both of them are capable of over taking us. Big game at home St Johnstone next, three points needed.
  10. It was an obvious pen, his trailing leg quite clearly trips him. Matters not of course.
  11. O’Hara and Kiltie are our penalty takers tbf and none of them were on the pitch. Looked like Jamison was about to take it, was there instruction from the bench that Mandron had to take it? Not unreasonable given he’s the top scoring player we have playing but that was powderpuff.
  12. HT 1-0 Think we’ve been the better team but we are losing at half time. It’s a goal in the 48th minute from a corner which I think Hemming needs to be doing better with. All he can do is spill a shot it right infront of him and it’s tapped in. We’ve had plenty crosses in, especially from the left, but no real quality up top and that’s costing us.
  13. No surprise to see Kwon straight back into the 11 and again no surprise it’s Baccus back to the bench to accommodate him. Good to see Kiltie making it, was rumours he was injured and he really would have been a big miss.
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