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  1. https://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/ex-dungannon-swifts-ace-set-for-switch-to-scottish-premiership-side/a1481566217.html?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2sU3BTviB4CdeU8DgtxrgzY7lZyzsclXjJu3DnmSh8wKMTJiEk8xuyCig_aem_ARTsO9BclAU_zPnqhI2-SCQ9pekauRVaJ4aiLWTZb2FXu0Rv_xfmvP3ZAigis_xR1qYajHWAkHpdexWJWMvRAAih Oisin Smyth, central midfielder from Oxford being reported as joining soon
  2. Agree with this, the lower English leagues are an absolute physical slog. I'm not convinced Strain is suited to that at all. A move abroad, or Hearts, Hibs etc would be much better for his career
  3. Not sure if I'm being whooshed but I don't think there are 2 PCAs? Was one not Spittal who has obviously went to Hearts. Robbos interview today says he wished he hadn't said anything about that
  4. As someone said he looks a big unit. Brentford must see something in him as they gave him a 4 year deal last year.
  5. Don't get me wrong, wasn't expecting a top championship club for Baccus but maybe expected a bigger team just relegated to league one or a bottom end championship team. Good luck to him but that's a strange move
  6. Cheers Div, I just phoned and renewed over the phone. Took 5 minutes!
  7. Anyone else had issues renewing? My son has turned 12 this month, happy to pay the 12-17 rate as, obviously, he's no longer under 12. When I change the ticket from under 12 to 12-17 I get an error saying nothing in cart (or similar) after I try to upload his passport as proof of age.
  8. Thought McMenamin was really good tonight, I was pretty critical of him at half time on Saturday but the 2nd half Saturday and all game today he has been really good. Season ending at wrong time for him. Good for Scott to get a goal and just put that to bed. Still doesn't look match fit but I was delighted for him.
  9. McMenamin needs to be taken off. He's absolutely petrified of Ndaba and shitting the bed in every 50/50 Really poor from saints. Surely can't be any worse 2nd half
  10. We have been pretty strongly linked to Kofi Balmer as well. There's surely not a chance we bring in 2 central defenders with potentially only Charles Dunne leaving. A central defensive pool of Gogic, Fraser, Bolton, Taylor and one of Bedeau or Balmer is the start of a really strong spine. Need the goalkeeper position sorted, an attacking RWB and one or two other central midfielders and another attacking player and I don't think we are far away from a good team for next year.
  11. Gogic, 3 year deal according to Scott Burns. What a deal that is. Don't think many will argue it's been him or Tanser for our player of the year
  12. Draw or Killie 1-0 all over it. Can't see us breaking the McInnes hoodoo this weekend. I noticed Van Veen got slightly more than his usual 10 minute run out against Rangers. Is there any chance he starts this one?
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