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  1. Last game vs the big German team was in 1997 at Starks park. We won 1nil Peter Duffield with the winner
  2. Hi guys Please educate me on this cheque discussion? Why would we receive a cheque? I appreciate it
  3. Merry Christmas my fellow Rovers. Just had to share a gift I received today, Will take pride of place in my office.
  4. Jesus christ. We have to expect bad encounters too. What is always a good sign though is when you play awful but still come away with points! We are still sitting with a cushion at the top of the championship. 8 goal fest, red card, keeper mistake etc, last min equaliser, hattick for Louis and another point on the board. Christ I'll take that. Merry Christmas to my fellow Rovers and well done to Ayr tonight to round of the year!
  5. We have a couple of first team players out of contract nxt year, included in this is Dylan Easton. He can sign a pre contract with a team in January can he not? Surely we should be doing everything in our power to extend our prized assets prior to the Jan window.
  6. Wow what a reaction! The fear that you would post such a negative post tells me they you are scared! The books tell you that you should own this league but on the pitch it's 11 vs 11 and our hunger, drive,managers set up is superior. You need to understand and respect that we are going nowhere! We are the team to beat now! You have come into OUR league expecting to walk it and have been found out. Respect your opposition and respect that you are on your way to the playoffs!
  7. What going on here cmon!!!! Fkin yesssssssssss what a result. Its our time I can feel it!!!!!!
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