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  1. possibly the brother of Superhans and had his account taken off him too?
  2. I see it’s for the league, so we may have had bigger crowds for cup games
  3. Excellent to hear that other clubs were willing to pay more money for our loans. Will other fans believe it? Probably not
  4. I thought the graph emoji coupled with a pound sign in the photo was pretty obvious it wasn’t a signing. The standard pen emoji would have been used if it was a signing. anyway, excellent looking financial numbers. Feel much safer knowing we haven’t just chucked money at things and hoping it pays off. ‘Mon the village idiots!!!
  5. Barrowman said in his interview they are sending out a massive numbers type thing. More than the usual month in numbers so I’m assuming it’s this and not a new signing
  6. I thought the two people who chucked toilet roll onto the pitch (and by pitch, I mean just made the line) at the start were embarrassing but this might top that
  7. Not sure if your pun was intended or not, but I like it
  8. We ended up with playing a back 2 for a few minutes yesterday. I do understand why murray wants to chuck on all attacking options. He’d rather lose the game 2-0 or 3-1 but say he’d given it his best shot rather than lose 1-0 or 2-1 and leave attackers on the bench. It creates some wild moments and I do agree that it does mean structure and organisation goes out the window at times. But sometimes a bit of structure gets you further than a bit of chaos. It’s all part of the fun tho.
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