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  1. at least it confirms Eric drysdale has a relative working in football or has anyone actually seen David cook and drysdale in the same room honestly I almost feel sorry for you lot , then I remember and come to my senses , you definitely don’t have your problems to seek
  2. Your right There isn’t any , we need the whole team contributing, maybe Stevie will link the play better and get more out of others vaughan coming back and a change back some games to 4 1 3 2 should lead to an increase in goals, if he does sign an auld head leading the line and one who played all his career in higher standard leagues could be a good thing.
  3. Gabby McGill is on trial at Grimsby, Murray mentioned him before
  4. Things will improve when Lewis returns and we maybe need to wait it out like the gaffer has been hinting at to late in the window and get an alfie bavidge or Bobby wales on loan . Haven’t seen may play for years so not sure what he will bring but he may () bring others into play more . What’s big mani duku up to these days
  5. The one thing our team lacks is raw pace hopefully we can get some into the team
  6. Nice to have something to wet our knickers over, Tx will be all over this later fitting him in as an inverted full back or a hexagon shaped midfield
  7. Would love to see us get Jair Tavares on loan from hibs , very quick and caused us lots of problems in the LV testimonial game here’s hoping anyway as he doesn’t play much but in the squad
  8. Sometimes and I do mean just sometimes you miss the old board for a leak of a transfer rumour or maybe that's just me , Saturday will be a good indication of how we are shaping up
  9. I forgave Andy smith and Andy Tod when they signed , you get over these things but hopefully we are after better
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised, impact sub etc haven’t seen him play in years though but wouldn’t think he was our top choice maybe just an option if we don’t get our top choice ?
  11. Fair enough, he must have something lined up expect he will stay in the championship
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