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  1. Who was the big right back we had back in the early 2000’s? I’m sure he was French/African double barrelled surname ‘El’ something
  2. Talking about foreign players from the 90’s, who remembers the right back from Finland, Jani Makela (or something similar) had a blonde ponytail, a long throw and was pretty decent if I remember correctly!
  3. You’re miles off on this one Tx. Hanlon would be a guaranteed started here ahead of either Murray or Fordyce. Stevenson is about 5”7. He won’t be anywhere near centre back and will be first choice ahead of Dick. He might not manage to play 50 odd games a season at his age so I’m sure Dick will still get a fair few games, he just won’t be a mainstay.
  4. There’s quite a few experienced central defenders on the market just now. Hanlon, Ashcroft, Considine etc. If we don’t get Hanlon if he confident we could pick another one up.
  5. That’s the kind of striker, if any, I see us bringing in. Not one that will be expecting to play every week. And start ahead of one of the others mentioned. For me, assuming Hanlon signs, the only position in the squad that requires a nailed on starter is at right back.
  6. That’s all well and good saying that in theory but there’s no way that McNeil, Hannah and Montagu have been signed with the intention of playing every week.
  7. I’m possibly in the minority on this one but I don’t think we are in as much of a need for a goal scorer than others seem to. For me, Hamilton, Vaughan and Smith are pretty decent. We probably need another one as a backup though.
  8. It would perhaps mean that Murray sees Matthews filling the right back role if Telfer comes in. At least in the short term anyway.
  9. I still struggle to accept that he was to blame for those contracts. For me, that one is Sim throwing his own poor decision making onto someone who was already in the dug hoose!
  10. Jimmy didn’t manage many teams against us. It’s slightly different when you’re an assistant manager or coach. I can remember him being the interm manager for the Pars against us after they sacked Campbell and he definitely got jeered that day.
  11. I definitely don’t disagree with the first part. He left us to mange a rival team who we had a lot of beef with recently so that’s the reason I won’t applaud him but I certainly won’t boo him. The other stuff is long done with for me.
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