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  1. Good addition to the team welcome to the Ton , Airdrie fans rate him highly good work Dougie
  2. This post screams overly confident for a team that’s signed Robbie fkn Muirhead, if you didn’t know I’m happy he’s gone for good better hope this cockiness you’ve developed doesn’t come back & bite you in the arse, this is a very tough league I’ll be very surprised if you get out at first attempt, you may follow suit of some relegated prem sides ( *cough Inverness )
  3. Wouldn’t read much in to stats, Oakleys stats before coming to us you’d think we’ve signed a donkey here but Dougie got the best out of him and he was a good asset, hopefully Dougie can get the best out this lad him & Davies up top
  4. Very uninspiring list of friendlies announced, no glamour friendly to celebrate to 150th anniversary unless it’s in the pipeline and we don’t know
  5. Welcome back to the championship troops and thanks for putting those w***ers down
  6. I reckon you need 3-5 business days off any forum to calm down
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