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  1. Heading to Orange County Choppers, St Petersburg FL tonight to see Scream Machine (80s arena rock show tribute band)
  2. I also took my season ticket over the 3 month instalments, i set up my direct debit on the first of May,thinking the next two payments would be first of June then July.but on checking my bank statement the second payment came out 2 day's later In may Anyone else had this happen to them
  3. Yes red card all day, but not if your the ugly sister's it's not
  4. Paul Draper tomorrow night in Edinburgh at the caves a new venue for me
  5. Why don't the ugly sister's just play each other 38 time's a season, that'll keep SKY happy. And the rest of Scottish football fan's can enjoy watching there team win,lose or draw. Problem solved
  6. Can't wait for Friday night at the dreadnought rock in Bathgate. Dressed To Kill the number 1 KISS tribute act....
  7. Unsung hero, local Bog Boy Andy Nicol........legend
  8. Judas priest, saxon and uriah heep at the ovo Monday night. Can't wait
  9. Hi HSW, thanks for asking about Kris. I'm his dad and he's alive and kicking. COYB
  10. It definitely happened, I was sitting just next to the idiots. Don't want any away fans in the main stand full stop....
  11. Away fans are always in the North, after the trouble with the QOS fans in the main stand.
  12. The big game this Saturday. COYB
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