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  1. Just a bunch of clueless clowns. 15 so called potential apprentices and no one knows what a Shucked Oyster is, what planet are these arseholes living on?
  2. Never mind the line up just happy to get a win and keep the momentum going.
  3. My mistake - for some reason I thought it was 4. Thanks for pointing that out as it had me wondering.
  4. "Had a bad illness so hardly been oot the hoose/hospingtal since September. Nice to see the usual suspects keeping the thread going. " Good to see you back , hope you are feeling better.
  5. Just started watching Series 2 of the Australian version and it has a few "Celebrities" in it. There are also a few who you instantly hate and would gladly give them a scheme booting. Also interestingly they have kicked off with only 3 Traitors.
  6. You really are a sad disillusioned individual who knows little about other people. Go dry your salty tears
  7. Get a grip of yourself FFS
  8. So called "celebrities" on Weakest Link proving to be thicker than shite. They are supposed to be playing for charity but find their own thickness amusing. Case in point Janet Street Porter who could not subtract 17 from 35 and she was one of the more intelligent ones.
  9. Clownshoe at the inquiry today should make interesting listening.
  10. Thought that the club might have appealed Nat's red card. Looked harsh on the highlights but we had an over zealous and incompetent ref to contend with.
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