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  1. No, I'm lying in bed on my smartphone about to go to sleep so not about to troll through medical journals. But the medical professionals interviewed in the article put forth their expert opinions which contradict the narrative. That'll have to do you for now. f**k off you condescending p***k. I understand science well enough to know that it sometimes gets it wrong and I'm also aware enough of some funded science projects working backwards from its conclusions to suit.
  2. I don't know. You tell me. I'm just pointing out contradictions in death data in other countries.
  3. https://off-guardian.org/2020/03/24/12-experts-questioning-the-coronavirus-panic/ https://off-guardian.org/2020/03/28/10-more-experts-criticising-the-coronavirus-panic/ covidview-05-01-2020 (1).pdf
  4. Where did I definitively say it wasn't a pandemic? I said I remained to be convinced in light of the oldest most vulnerable, densely populated Country in the world having no spike in deaths in spite of no lockdown restrictions compared other Countries that have. You guys carry on hiding under your beds though, I'm sure the Government will tell you when it's safe to come out!
  5. Take it from someone that actually lives here. There's been no mass isolating here. They shut the schools for a fortnight and that was about it.
  6. The CDC and WHO have consistently contradicted themselves over the last few months. There's been numerous Doctors (including the Nobel prize winner that discovered HIV/Aids (shares RNA/DNA viral similarities) that have came out and contradicted the official narrative. YouTube and Facebook in their wisdom feel Bill Gates is better qualified though.
  7. It's certainly hard to ignore the Political and Financial agendas being driven, that's for sure..... As for "fast tracking" a vaccine when historically, these have taken the best part of 10years to perfect and implement through rigorous testing, I'm sure it'll be fine though.....
  8. I remain to be convinced. Far too much contradictory science. I'm not saying the deaths aren't real, they clearly are. Not at all. I live in a highly densely populated Country with the oldest populus in the world that has had cases of covid19 before Europe or America, had no enforced lockdown and yet had no spike in deaths whatsoever. My own situation highlights this, being high risk with neutrophils of less than 1000, yet still attending a designated Covid19 treatment hospital for fortnightly chemotherapy. I've also continued to work (like everyone else) throughout. Compare and contrast this with the UK/USA where the death toll has been huge in spite of all the lockdown restrictions.
  9. It was but it got cancelled......
  10. I think people often confuse free speech and inciting (racial, religious, etc) hatred similarly slander or libel. But the flip side to this is that there are laws against the latter and a Court system in place to prosecute those guilty of these crimes therefore cancel culture often seems like an attack on different opinions.
  11. This whole pandemic, if indeed that is truly what it is, just goes to show how Dictators get away with it. In general, the masses will literally bow to the word of authority regardless of how flimsy or contradictory the facts and science backing it is.
  12. Are you lot still grounded over there?!
  13. I always referred to Bobo Balde as the Parkhead Baresi......
  14. The laziness/distraction thing is very real and toilet training, more than most issues with kids (although this is common for various issues IMO) was one that is very "phased" and sorted itself whilst we were busy stressing over a solution. I would say dont stress about it and it will come good. Yeh, I was a bit like this as a kid too with regard to schoolwork (the early years only.....then I just lost interest completely!) Fingers crossed she'll outgrow it when she's ready. Yeh, we're certainly conscious of not making a big deal about it. Other kids at the kindergarten teasing her is outwith our control though and it's a wee bit heartbreaking when you see her becoming sensitive to it but she's a tough cookie that's come through far worse, so I'm confident she'll cope in the long run. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Appreciated.
  15. My daughter's struggling with toilet training. It's a real, 1 step forward, 2 steps back situation a lot of the time as she sometimes recognises that she needs to go but then next time seems completely oblivious. She's started to get self conscious about it as I suspect some of the other kids at her kindergarten are perhaps teasing her about it. Although, I do wonder if complacency or laziness is part of the issue as she's always on the go, doing and learning new things that going to the toilet might seem boring and "old hat" in comparison. We have wondered whether her treatment may have dulled her sensation for "needing to go", which would make sense but it's impossible to say for sure. Any advice?
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