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  1. As for the more important stuff. Some team news posted today after the first training sessions last week. Looks like a good starting point. Hopefully Paddy has his eye on a couple of decent additions .
  2. You do realise there is absolutely no prize money in this league ? All money has to be generated internally while in this league (national cups excepted) To be challenging at the top of the league 3 seasons in , after a total rebuild of the club is testament to the work , generosity and commitment of the board, sponsors and the loyal supporters . Your gripe with Kevin and the board ( or in fact anything to do with Brechin City past and present ) seems to be getting more personal by the week . Your financial input (if any ) seems to be very minimal yet you continue to insult those who actually care about the club. All done anonymously behind a keyboard like a true trolling school bully. Not big , not clever , just pathetic.
  3. Are you as thick as you are making out? You have already stated about the supposed exodus of players and your outrage that this is inevitable. By all accounts you are so far off the mark it is embarrassing .
  4. I think things are more positive on the recruitment side than you are making out.
  5. What is worse? Going gung ho releasing statements then players / prospective managers letting you down or waiting till everything is in place ? I still remember the infamous Mo Johnstone scenario.
  6. I thought a real supporter like you would know that he hasn't yet got the appropriate licence for management.
  7. Well done Stranraer. Put those plastics back in their plastic box.
  8. He has been offered a contract. Just not committed to signing as yet.
  9. Unfortunately agents have a big say in the signing process . The player usually has to just trust that the agent is working for his best interests.
  10. When exactly did the chairman say this ? In the words of Karen Dunbar......... "I smell shite"
  11. Your posts are the same pish as your last posts. Don't judge everyone else by your own low standards. Didn't you say the crowds had dwindled earlier this season ? ...................When in fact they have increased ?
  12. Absolutely. I just hope lessons have been learned and the supporters are listened to and not taken for granted . The incredible and unwavering support in the club's restructure cannot be overstated.
  13. I was speaking purely from a frustrated supporter's perspective. Your explanation sums up how that season unfolded but in hindsight maybe a bit more forward planning for our expected return to League one might have helped ease the pain a bit.
  14. Ironic now that our club's actions back then have since inspired the decision to give clubs on the borderline the choice of HL or LL.
  15. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement .
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