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  1. Goals win games. I’m amazed the same set of officials let Clyde steal 6 to 8 yards every throw in.
  2. Statement will read much improved scored twice this week, Business as usual.
  3. Jacobs made the difference in the 2nd half shut down the space between the Utd Midfield and Front players.
  4. Didn't need to be at their best tonight. Can only beat whats in front of you
  5. Hopefully the board hold out for decent compensation and don't just let him Walk away, Additional Bonuses if they are in the mix and a promotion bonus if they go up and a loan of a few promising youngsters for free for the season.
  6. Time for another one hopefully, But cant see us scoring five.
  7. No problem, Wasn’t criticizing understand how time consuming it can be.
  8. No highlights or Salty Tears from Stevie Farrell.
  9. Sensible thing would have been to call it off Friday, If its that much in doubt why wait. Looks like another SPFL brainstorm.
  10. I was clinging more to the Doug Houston success, To be fair Stevie Murray can claim an unbeaten managerial record with us even though he only took one training session.
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