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  1. The tables have been reinstated - plus a new 'feature' with the introduction of cups!!! What a fantastic effort!!
  2. I miss the actual league tables feature - yes, I know they can be accessed elsewhere, but it was great when they were all together on ScotScores....but I appreciate it's likely a lot of work to continually keep updated!
  3. Delighted to see this has returned! It's no longer including amateur/welfare leagues - for now, anyway... A new feature is the introduction of Council Area rankings. Great work, mcruic
  4. twitter.com/TheRoonBa An acknowledgement that his sites are down for now. Hopefully they'll be revived soon!!
  5. Once again, a journalist can't grasp that senior clubs exist outwith the 42 club SPFL set-up. No name attributed to this article on the BBC site. Just after the final picture, East Kilbride FC are specifically labelled as 'non-senior'. This ignorance really is beyond a joke now! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35416720
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