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  1. You Might even have offered him one simply because you know any other club interested will have to pay you guys a development fee now
  2. We were linked but no idea if it was just paper talk but did McKinstry sign a new deal with you guys
  3. I thought we would have announced Chalmers or so by now. A lot of the press saying for the last week we were close to signing
  4. Jack McMillan has left Partick Thistle so it would not surprise me if we are one of the interested clubs in Ballantyne
  5. It was a Dundee fan on here who said we had approached Ashcroft
  6. Have you heard anything more about being linked to Musonda, Ashcroft or McKinstry?
  7. Interesting that apparently 35 per cent of livis income last few years has been from the old firm visiting Almondvale. They will not be able to rely on that next season. I don’t know if there will be much of an impact but I guess will likely have some costing but over the next year or two they might have to tear up their pitch and put in grass if they want back into the premier league
  8. I don’t think Hanlon, Stevenson, Easton etc will have been that cheap either tbh mate. With Turner I think being from Glasgow helped with that
  9. I would have thought likely to be one of the Dundee teams but just a guess
  10. You are as well with the quality of signings you have made but contrast to last season we look to be doing so too
  11. thanks for the response. Maybe he will give up the sports agency as presumably it will be a full time role as Director of football
  12. Are all your players currently from this guys sports agency anyway?
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