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  1. Fantastic from the team tonight but I love how much that goal meant to Josh O’Connor. He needed that and hopefully it helps him kick on. Would be easy for him to chuck the towel in being on loan but shows how much they buy in to McCabe’s team. We really do have a great club to be proud of right now
  2. Lulling them into a false sense of security then crushing that hope. Well played
  3. I must have been been at a different game I thought we were no where near good enough through about 80% of the squad.
  4. Good luck mate but we thought that too. Need to get at them which I’m sure you can. Give them time and they are lethal
  5. Can’t be too disheartened by that. Full credit to Hearts who look a real quality side. Barely wasted a pass all came. So crisp in possession. That first goal was a thing of beauty and watching Shankland’s movement for it was brilliant. I felt 3-1 seemed unfair for what we put into the first half but second half Hearts well in control and we couldn’t wrestle any dominance in the game for any sustained period of time. That looks like some gulf in class compared to St Johnstone who we controlled quite comfortably in the last round. Bit of an eye opener of just how good sides can be in the top flight. Also credit to the Hearts fans we can only dream of attendances and atmospheres like that and watching those fans behind the goals was also quality. Loved watching them. Shite to be out the cup but nothing but plaudits for my side and well done Hearts you have a cracking side. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  6. Haha aye maybe misleading mate again not one for the pub scene in Airdrie but I’m thinking from Morrisons/Tesco in Airdrie which is my reference point to being pretty much the “town centre” it’s 10/15 mins walk. As that is where we are coming from most match days. I think the furthest away pub from there would be the west end that I know people use on match days . Edited the time so it’s more accurate too
  7. I’m coming at it from a slightly different perspective to some. As a driver and having a young teenager who gets dragged to games rather than willingly going he isn’t a fan of the terracing and having my dad with us (he is 75) so we are in the stand most games if the option is there. I few of these are close in terms of rating so rather than a league table I thought I would go marks out of 10. Dunfermline - Decent crowd size for the stadium, I like the seats behind the goals and there is usually a good atmosphere most times we are there. Perhaps in the minority but I always enjoy a trip here and last season it felt great to have that “big match feel again”. Food is good too. Can’t fault it. 10/10 Arbroath - Unfortunately not a 10/10 but only because we need to be in the stand (by choice) and it’s not much of an atmosphere from there but 100% a great wee ground, a decent drive and food is quality. 9/10 based on where we sit rather than it being any sort of issue. Ayr - If you asked me during our last stint in the same division as Ayr it would be close to a 10. Only 1 visit in recent seasons for myself but I personally loved the needle we have had in games over the years, a decent atmosphere usually and I tended to enjoy behind the goals. That could change if we get to go more in the next few seasons but for now I’m living off nostalgia and saying 7/10. Raith Rovers - Good hunting ground for us this season, again I personally love the stand behind the goals my only issue is Raith fans being behind the other goals. Can’t hear a peep from them most of the game and no doubts they will feel similar with us. A decent venue but don’t get much of a buzz from the game 7/10 Greenock Morton - I love being outside in the good weather and we can get the best of both worlds with it being terracing like but the auld man and the wee man both can sit. Would be higher if it wasn’t for the uncomfortable seating when we are in the stand 7/10 Dundee Utd - I liked the day out behind the goals and the atmosphere was good, parking was dreadful and I just don’t think the prices are good enough to get us back time and time again should the opportunity arise. A great one off at the start of the season but just doesn’t excite me 6/10 Partick - A slight repeat here to Ayr going on nostalgia reasons I loved trips to firhill and would rate it higher based on the past. I didn’t make the game earlier in the season though so I can’t comment on it on recent times but it still shits all over the grounds below 6/10 Airdrie - Nothing wrong with the stadium in terms of quality standard to me personally but it’s absolutely soulless and wasted on a club our size. It’s good to see large travelling supports now and then but other than the fact it’s a decent seat to watch the game it sadly offers nothing what so ever to average punter. Logistics wise it’s not an issue to me as even as a travelling fan I wouldn’t be hitting the pubs. The walk is about 15/20 mins from the town centre and I get the grumblings from fans that having to head there beforehand isn’t ideal 4/10 ICT - Hate the drive, hate the ground it just doesn’t offer much to me at all. Make an effort to go once a season but that’s about it. This and Tannadice being the only grounds I wouldn’t attend twice a season through choice rather than being busy 4/10 Queens Park - 1000 People in the national stadium. It’s even more soulless than us, food is pish and charged at international football prices. Just a complete lack of enthusiasm for going here but go as it’s not far. 1/10
  8. The partner had urged me to give Ireland’s pick a listen to and I caved. I actually have no words for it at the moment
  9. Hey Naitch hope you don’t mind me asking. You listened to the countries that have selected their representative yet? Was toying with the idea of staying away from it as I felt there were a few that were really good in the music video that got no where near qualifying. Left me annoyed with some of the pish that did get through (although I didn’t watch the semi finals live). Went back and watched last years final last month and my opinion on a few songs has fairly 180’d especially with Germany. I also see how some are just not meant to be live and come across so much better in the music video (one you guys mentioned was who the hell is Edgar which I thought is still garbage live).
  10. Ah I see Falkirk’s plan last night. A narrow defeat to the Welsh mob is a lot less likely to derail the season than yet another pumping at the hands of Airdrie. Smart thinking guys.
  11. Before we get carried away I would just like to check with the Raith fans are we allowed to celebrate this time?
  12. “It’s a diddy cup anyway” said no team who wins their semi final. We will enjoy our day out in the final. Do we get to keep Raith Rovers yet?
  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh and hahahahahahahahahahahaha Inject that misery straight into my veins. Lovely stuff
  14. Senegal scored after 3 minutes and I thought they could run away with it. Turns out they were shite for the next 120+ minutes. Fair Play to Ivory Coast
  15. I found the by far the most enjoyable women’s rumble to date not having to role out the “legends” of the division
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