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  1. The biggest travesty is that these two games should have been the play off final, not for the chance to let one of two shite Premiership teams off the hook.
  2. Scott Brown seems as sound as a pound. Last minute screamer against Dundee United and man of the match tonight. Would have been harsh if his missed penalty had cost them.
  3. Glad he's done well, hopefully he continues to get game time as he goes up the levels.
  4. I wish we would copy rugby and just allow physios on the park without waiting for a ref. Would go a long way to stopping a lot of the ridiculous play acting.
  5. I see you England's lucrative and fair play off system and raise you our big team weighted disgrace.
  6. Do they ever show the 'points dropped from a winning position' when Rangers are winning?
  7. I doubt he'd walk in, he'd probably get down very well to his left hand side
  8. How good is he then? He's the best keeper in the league by a considerable distance. I'd be amazed if he is still at Rangers next season.
  9. 'Aye, but we're no' as bad as them' is much more concise btw.
  10. 'What a save from Hemming in the Kilmarnock goal', exclaims Rory Loy 'Yes, a great save from the goalkeeper', says Kenny. About a 90 second interaction about a big chance and a great save, but I don't know who for. Craigan has described two goals in his game but you have to wait thirty seconds to find out who scored it. Murder.
  11. Gogic had been a standout every time I watch him and I'd have him at Killie in a heartbeat.
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