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  1. I think the story was they nailed him to a tree for Christmas (hence Christmas trees and balls on the branches) then they threw him in a cave with a giant rock shaped like an egg blocking the entrance that it took him 3 days to gnaw through. We use chocolate instead of stone because kids today don't have teeth like Boomers did. Dunno about the bunny. Maybe he wiped his arse with it when he was stuck in the cave with no loo roll.
  2. OK, seems pretty clear this is something the FSS should be raising.
  3. One of the things that annoys me is the people that often put themselves forward for the position of "Mental Health First Aider". My last company did this and they had 3 of them. One guy did it for genuine, altruistic reasons. The other two were the office gossip and the corporate arse-kisser who was the biggest bully in the company - the last two people you'd ever open up to about a personal problem. If the company aren't serious about the issue, if they just treat it as a tick box exercise, they can make things worse for people.
  4. Away bile yer heid and mhak soup. 15% mortgage rates 18% inflation 11% Unemployment YTS, YOPs, Enterprise Allowance (40 hour week for dole money + £10) Thatcher quite deliberately screwing Scotland over and not giving a shit There was no cushy way to stay in education for years, only about 10% went to uni. Over 60% of school leavers were unemployed or on some crap government "training scheme" If there were plates they weren't being handed out to us.
  5. Surviving a Methil childhood wasn't easy. We had a game called "chuck ma heid". A length of washing line was tied around your head whilst a brick was tied to the other. You had to walk along a 20ft high brick wall while your mates threw the brick over in an attempt to either detach your head or make you fall off.
  6. The way they're talking, an England win is inevitable
  7. Has anyone seen @Todd_is_God or has he got something right up him and can't type?
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