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  1. A gay guy killing boys isn't as repellent to the public as a woman doing it.
  2. Austin Princess - 1850 stock tuned engine with bald tyres and no suspension. Interesting Renault 5 - 950cc - teaches you humility on the road Austin Maestro - meh 1972 VW Camper - needed too much welding but me and the missus shagged all over Tayside & Fife in that thing VW Passat - rust bucket. Alternator would fall off and bump along the road behind you. VW Golf Driver - great wee car. Had a lumpy bonnet where a piston tried to jump through. VW Jetta - meh Mazda something. - meh. Suspension came through the boot when I hit a pothole. Ford Sierra - meh Fiat Uno - meh Subaru Pickup - excellent but thirsty. Rough, tough man's car. Fiat Doblo van - bright yellow, 51 plate lease - the first new vehicle I'd ever had. Ford Scorpio - bucket Everything since has been a company car and I've lost track. Worst of them was a Ford Focus. Best was a Mitsubishi Outlander (just a great car). Latest is a Rav4 PHEV. Pretty good, exceptionally smooth. Very similar to the Outlander but more modern tech. Looks like Fisher Price designed the interior though.
  3. Can't they live in the windmills, like lighthouse keepers?
  4. Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (born January 17, 1954), also known by his initials RFK Jr., is an American politician, environmental lawyer, anti-vaccine activist, and conspiracy theorist. He is the chairman and founder of Children's Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy group that is a leading proponent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_F._Kennedy_Jr.
  5. Do you ever look at a box that needs to go out and think "But that's a good box"?
  6. Probably because 50% of them can't read, and 49% can't type with crayons.
  7. Looking sharp in the build up but laboured in front of goal.
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