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  1. There isn't a more tedious fanbase in Scottish football
  2. Never take Callum Crane out of central midfield ever again
  3. Would like to see Crane in CM today - and Milne alongside him. I still maintain he was a big reason why the first half performance at Annan last week was so positive, so I'd like to see someone next to him who can mask his flaws. Almost certainly won't happen, but that's my wish list. This is a match we'll likely see plenty of the ball - so let's have players who can do something with it (i.e - not Kyle Banner)
  4. Crane has done well at LB, but there's no doubt in my mind he should be playing in central midfield. Was very impressive there away to Montrose and hasn't played there since.
  5. I don't think he's been good in recent weeks and would agree he's not a player for 'The Fight,' but today in the first half when we responded well to losing the early goal it was Milne getting the ball into good areas on the left side together with Crane. It was his long-ish pass into Cooper which led to the equaliser. In the first half, we were able to get into the final third quite easily and I thought a lot of that was down to Milne's passing. Remarked at half time that it was the best we'd seen of him since the start of the season.
  6. I honestly thought Milne was our best player Guess it's all about opinions
  7. Not feeling confident about today. Annan have a good record against us. Reckon we'll be in a dogfight by the time this one is over.
  8. Is that "all FK clubs" excluding Stenny (who we have won five of our last five matches against) and Alloa (who we have beaten twice this season)?
  9. Thought the referee was abysmal. Didn't favour either team and thankfully nothing hugely consequential, but clearly believed contact equals a foul every time. Didn't help the flow of the match.
  10. Not much in the match. Alloa had good periods, we had good periods.... match was decided by the one piece of quality created by either team. More concerning is the result at NDP. What happened there?!
  11. I have no idea what to expect today. A week ago, I would have been relatively confident. We were playing well and creating loads of chances. It all turned to shit on Tuesday night, though. Our worst performance since our last game against Alloa. I'd bring Crane into midfield today. Josh Cooper also surely deserves a start. I'd like to see more of Offord, but Hilson has turned a corner these last few matches, so would be harsh to drop him.
  12. Can't complain with the final scoreline there. Absolutely dreadful performance.
  13. I know the team has done relatively well in his absence, but I'd be having Crane straight back into the midfield tonight. Even looking past his goal, I loved the bite he brought in his debut. Did a lot of sweeping up loose balls. We don't really have another player who does that.
  14. Bit disappointed not to win that one. We were stronger in the first half, they were stronger in the second - but on balance felt we had the majority of the opportunities. On the plus side - we're creating opportunities, which hasn't been the case in a lot of matches this season. If only Jack Leitch had brought his shooting boots today...
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