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  1. Trust me when I say your midfield won't have to work hard against Allan and Jacobs
  2. Hancock on left wing again..... Jacobs nae legs starting.... Thanks Dick....
  3. Probably just as well as the guy Dick is picking for centre mid every game.
  4. You guys thoroughly deserved the win. Definitely be pushing them playoff spots if you keep it up.
  5. Lucky for us the donkey has no bottle to lose in the first place.
  6. Donnelly, Hilson, Jacobs, Fosu and Craigan out the door. See nothing in those 5 that keep us in this division. Especially the first 3. Need that striker. Who said they were in the stand today?
  7. I'll say it again, how Hancock is getting on the left wing and Paterson just sits there is wild. The Dick Campbell 4 subs on the 70th minute special not working again. Shock.
  8. They walked through the defence with every attack. Zero support from midfield and zero challenges.
  9. Stop embarrassing yourself Only ones embarrassing themselves are them two. Useless would be an understatement.
  10. Fingers crossed. Have to win sometime. If its Fosu up top again I'll have my doubts.
  11. I'd like Paterson to get a shot on the right now Allan is here to partner Low in midfield. Genuinely think Stewart starts on the right because of the frailty of the RCM position.
  12. Been the plan all along when the redevelopment was put in place.
  13. It's the same every game now. Theres going to be a permanent segregation put in place rather than just the wire fencing.
  14. "Can't get into Tutties" Brilliant. Hope you Queens Park boys are bringing a significant amount of support up.
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