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  1. Thinking back to when Bartley first took on the job after Gibson the football was a (slightly) better watch. Albeit I only seen half the home games in the latter half of last season, so I’ll agreeably be corrected. New manager bounce? Or were the players a bit more attack-minded and Bartley tempered that with his defensive mind-set to (relative) success? Brydon was certainly a key addition. But now, given the opportunity to put a proper stamp on things the Bartley way, it’s all went...well…wrong (so far). His rookie-ness there all to see. The recent defensively minded, damage limitation exercises are an appalling watch.
  2. A few weeks back I thought at the very least changing the assistant manager might be something to consider as it was clear Bartley was going nowhere. Someone other than Murray may have provided a different perspective for Bartley (and the players) and perhaps a change in coaching styles/approaches - as it’s pretty damn clear the current set up isn’t getting the best out of the squad. But very much doubt that’ll happen either.
  3. Ok, imagine If he’s backed, what’s realistic? 4th? At a push? Then playoffs against teams we have virtually no form against? Would it be worth the financial outlay? I’m not sure. Even with some in’s and outs, will it radically improve our chances against those in the play-offs from League one or a championship team desperate for survival? I have my doubts given what we’ve seen with Bartley so far. So if he was to be backed or sacked, it’s going to be neither. See the season out and start again.
  4. Wonder what the BoD, in relation to average crowd size, based this seasons playing budget on? 1100 odd or thereabouts? Less? If approx 10-15% down on that surely the manager is culpable, of sorts.
  5. Lucky if crowds will be above the 600 - 650 mark by end of this season way things are going. Surely that would be reason enough to get rid?
  6. The thinking was that over a year ago Bartley was a reasonably motivational coach who’d get the best out of a mediocre bunch. Someone the players could relate to. Additionally, the thinking was he’d have a good knowledge of untapped potential down south and up here and as such, signings would be astute and significant. The thinking was he was tactically astute and had systems to get the best out of players available and play to their strengths. Well, perhaps that was my thinking. It’s nothing like it at all. Now? He’s really has to go. It’s absolutely dreadful to watch.
  7. He genuinely does love the club. Well done to all involved for today, was a very good crowd all things considered.
  8. Was discussing much the same to a friend earlier and the need to get along to Palmerston tomorrow afternoon - despite how bloody awful things are currently. Last time there was anything to frequently smile about that was Queens related, Dobbie was central to it. He deserves a good turnout.
  9. Iain Wilson, or any player with similar attributes, is exactly what’s been missing from Queens midfield. I imagine if recalled those injuries would perhaps reappear…or perhaps he’s just genuinely been unlucky. However, as noted by others, why would he want to come back and contribute positively? There’s obviously unresolved issues there. Doubt we’ll find that combative midfielder we desperately need this January though. Also appreciate some others need to move on before it can even be considered - even if there was someone available (and willing?). Who is actually out there though?
  10. That somersault has been the highlight of the season thus far.
  11. All credit to Edinburgh. Whilst Queens had the better chances, especially in the first half, they competed well and made it uncomfortable for the home team. Couple heart-in-mouth moments in the second half - thankfully McClelland on hand to tidy up. He was excellent today.
  12. Absolutely dismal times. Thinking back to the highs of circa. 2008 to where we are now 15 years later? At the time, I thought top tier might be an ambition. Now? Avoiding the bottom tier is an almighty challenge.
  13. I agree. Rookie manager or not, it’s dire. And to think I had a modicum of optimism at the end of August regarding this season, that’s disappeared entirely in line with any ambitions of play offs.
  14. 100% this. Brydon’s been a huge miss. Just a defender who likes to defend and keeps it simple. Whereby Mckays, largely, the opposite. He looks somewhat hesitant most of the time. I want to see him do well but being hooked at half time (again) will destroy what must be an already fragile confidence. McLelland looks considerably better with Ambrose beside him and gets stuck in. I think he’ll come good. Going forward, a bit of consistency in defensive selection required to build confidence I believe.
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