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  1. Mrs Taylorboy now 3 days past her due date Even the Take That Boys couldnt get the bugger to shift despite wife dancing about all night dont think jnr ever going to make an appearance... Anyone got any tips that work????????
  2. Mrs Taylorboy77 has 2 weeks to go before the birth of our 2nd child. Cannot wait to be honest. I have just been catching up with some of the posts on here and Im intrigued with some fo the responses to the tests or not to test at 15 weeks. Lauren was born 5 years ago and at 12 weeks old was diagnosed with a rare syndrome. This devastated my wife and me and effectively ruined the first 2 years of our daughters lives. We could not accept why it happened to us and to be honest couldnt accept it. After both dealing with it in our own way (me a councillor) and my wife with other support groups that are out there that you do not know are there until you need them, we were able to put it behind us and move on accepting whatever life threw at us and Lauren. Anyway, getting slightly off topic, but when my wife fell pregnant again, we had to make the decision to get the full tests done or not. After much talking etc, we eventually made the decision to go for the tests. This was the most difficult 48 hours of our lives but when the results came back (they checked for basically every single genetic problem) we could not believe that all was good and there was no problems. Although we have had the all clear, we still wont believe it till our little bundle has been born and we can see for our own eyes that all is ok. If anyone needs any information or advice on the tests, please just PM me and I will give you as much information on the subject as i can.
  3. This is payback for your antics a few years back when you stole Main, Lowndes etc right from under our noses. You cannot take the smile of my coupon at signing these 2 players for 50K What goes around comes around and all that...
  4. Mrs Taylorboy77 is expecting our 2nd child on 20 June. Got our 20 week scan next week . Our daughter is 5 next month, she was diagnosed with a really rare chromosome disorder that resulted in her constantly being at hospital since 3 months old. She didnt have a "normal" baby life and still doesnt due to constant hospital checks etc. Due to this rare disorder, Mrs TB77 got CVS testing done at 13 weeks stage. This was not a nice procedure (taking samples from the placenta) but all the results have come back clear and they have tested for every known syndrome etc. Its kind of weird as we had 6/7 weeks of pure hell as we both thought that this baby would be the same as the other and we didnt know what to do etc But when the results came out we were like Its going to be so great doing all the normal stuff with babies that we sadly missed out on the first time round. The one good thing though, our new baby will have the best big sister ever for all first time mums and dad, seriously enjoy it to the max....
  5. Aw the best Watty for sunday. My family appreciate your efforts
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