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  1. Good.. nae dig about him, floats in and out of games he can be bothered playing in.
  2. Mcmenimin leaves Annan. Wonder if he is heading back to Palmerston to assist Murphy.
  3. New goalkeeper coach follows Murphy from Annan so guess Colin Mcmenimin will also come as assistant manager.
  4. Following on from Murphy's appointment I am hopeful of some good news off the field now too. More directors coming on board and fresh investment in the club please!!
  5. Surely if the new board want to get the fans onside they will need to appoint their own manager for next season.
  6. Unbelievable score a goal.. momentum on our side.. then bang let's put on 3 subs and change the complete lformstion of the side. He has to GO now...
  7. Has Reilly upset Bartley. Reilly was only player with pass marks v Annan. Then gets a Sub role last week and no game time today ....
  8. Neither Ferguson or Mackay should be anywhere near the starting 11... Get Reilly playing upfront with Mumbongo 442 system..
  9. Don't think it'll bother him in the slightest. Confident man that talks the talk. Can imagine "Wasnt his fault the ref and linesman were poor & he lost his best two CB's to injury"
  10. Only gripe today was not starting two upfront. strong line up picked bar that.poor defensive errors again cost the team. Officials were very poor. Bartley not my favourite but not much he can do with some of the awful play on the park. Schoolboy stuff at times.
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