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  1. Looking at his wiki, he’s just signed for us today and he’s already only 2 appearances away from 100 in the Navy Blue. That’s some effort. A legend in the making!
  2. I felt exactly the same at the end of last season FWIW. Myself, my friend and our dads have sat in the same seats since the stadium opened and have been there through thick and thin. But the feeling I was left with at the end of last season was just being knackered with it all. All of us agreed it was the hardest renewal yet and if things didn't improve we'd probably give up. It just wasn't a fun way to spend a Saturday anymore. Obviously it's been outstanding this season. But after the Airdrie game I was just done in, I couldn't go through yet more turgid seasons filled with disappointment. Enough was enough. All I can say is that I'm so very glad that McGlynn and the lads have turned it all around.
  3. It’s this I think? https://montrosefc.ticketco.events/uk/en/m/e/montrosefc_v_falkirkfc
  4. I agree. We want someone who’s going to challenge Nesbitt for the position. Oliver has been fantastic as an impact sub this season but if he’s not a starter in league 1 he’s not going to be a starter in the championship. We should let him go with best wishes.
  5. Totally agree with this. I’ve been banging on about it for ages. If you can’t definitively disprove the onfield decision without a half hour consult with a fucking physicist, then let whatever the ref decided stand. Or bring them over to the monitor and let them see why the VAR thinks they might be wrong. In principal I’m all for VAR. But I think we can all agree that current implementation is utter shite.
  6. No. Fucking. Way. This second half has been incredible.
  7. Heading to BTW for a pre match pint for the first time in years. They still do the bus down to the ground right? What time does it leave? I’m sure this gets asked every week apologies!
  8. When you watch the last few minutes of the Only Accies podcast, the reaction to the Montrose equaliser and full time is like a carbon copy of us from years gone by. It takes me right back to so many games at the Falkirk stadium over the last 3/4 years. It’s great to see
  9. Agree with this. I found our highlights unwatchable on a TV due to the dropped frames/frame rate. It’s really noticeable for Henderson’s cross field ball in the build up to our first goal. The ball judders through the air. It’s difficult to criticise when it’s a volunteer providing their time for free. The quality of the edit is excellent each week. But the quality of the picture has been poor, especially recently.
  10. *shrug* Maybe? https://bettermeddle.org.uk/museum/story1.php
  11. Great pod as always lads, but I could’ve done without John screaming “BRAD MCKAY” out of nowhere around the 47 minute mark. Just about shat myself.
  12. Maybe I’ve made this up, but I seem to remember a Hibs fan in the main stand running down the steps to tell the Hibs bench who then grassed O’Donnell up to the ref. Does anyone else remember this or was it just a fever dream?
  13. That is absolutely abysmal defending. The amount of stupid mistakes like that across the tournament has been shocking.
  14. It’s very weird. Cowen seems to just start shouting every time England get anywhere within 30 yards of goal.
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