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  1. 5 minutes ago, RawB93 said:

    I don’t want to jinx it but this will be the third time I’ve stuck a Leverkusen game on late second half because they were losing and both other times they ended up winning. 
    If they lose their record to West fucking Ham I’ll be most disappointed. 

    No fear there. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Pride of Fife said:

    Kevin Dabroski might well be the best shot stopper in the league and might well continue improving into a top class goalkeeper but he is miles off the finished article. Wouldn’t get in this seasons top three keepers for me.

    Of our whole squad over the season, only Sam Stanton would get in my team with Vaughan deserving a wee mention too

    Yeah it's a strange one. We might have finished 2nd but it's hard to make a case for any of our players being the best in the league in their position. 

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