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  1. Liverpool have been absolutely shocking so far. They look like they've chucked it for the season.
  2. I think it's fair to say that neither of them are good enough, although Rudden at his best is probably better than Gullan. Regardless, Hamilton and Vaughan are the first choice options by a long way in my eyes.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68861708
  4. The rest of the tour must be desperate for Scheffler to take a couple of weeks off for the birth of his child. Some effort by Korda on the women's tour too.
  5. Instead of getting out the lines to prove the offside, it should just be accepted that if the call is tight enough to require the lines that the original decision stands.
  6. McTominay away off injured now...
  7. I'll rephrase it. If the laws of football applied to Ashley Young he'd be a liability.
  8. Young has been a liability every time I've seen him this season. He's absolutely finished.
  9. Young is a bit lucky to get away with that hand ball.
  10. The stakes are high in the points deduction derby today.
  11. At least it looks like we'll avoid Airdrie in the play offs I suppose.
  12. Let's be honest. That was pretty poor stuff. Very lucky to avoid a thumping. Better be lucky than good as they say.
  13. They've somewhat sheepishly advised this now.
  14. The English clubs are right at it tonight. They won't be giving up that 5th champions league spot without a fight.
  15. Yeah it's a strange one. We might have finished 2nd but it's hard to make a case for any of our players being the best in the league in their position.
  16. He's obviously giving up on the Masters.
  17. Do we make as many changes as possible to protect against injury? Do we try and play the numerous out of form players back into form? Do we try a magic formula before the play offs? Who knows. The only certainty is a home win.
  18. I disagree about the loan signings. Rudden and Turner have been a complete waste of money. Thank Christ they're both under contract at their current clubs. Byrne has been better but has tailed off significantly to the point that I'm not sure he's worth pursuing either.
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