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  1. Will events in France boost the UKIP vote at the next General Election?

    UKIP are the socially acceptable vote for all the people who have concerns over immigration and/or see it as a key issue, so it possibly will.

    I won't be voting UKIP but I do have concerns over the nutty Muslim element in society, and the groups they are affiliated to, who carry out these attacks.

    I'm not sure what goes on in some of these mosques, but the back story to many terrorist events in Europe seems to revolve around the perpetrators meeting some nutty bloke in the mosque who turns their head, or in the parlance of our times, radicalises them. Do they take these folk into side rooms? Why does nobody see or hear these conversations? How do you manage to create nutty murderers from previous non-murderers?

    Personally, I have a concern that religion in general isn't dying off. Islam seems to be the cause that all these nutjobs hitch their wagon to, which makes it the most concerning.

    I dont know that events in France will necessarily boost Ukip. Why would it? We have had plenty of "incidents" involving islamic nutters in our own country anyway and will have plenty more.

    Ukip aren't racist unless you think the Norwegians are also racist? Ukips policy on immigration and booting out failed asylum seekers and troublemakers pretty much mirrors Norways. Its probably way too late to matter now anyway as we will breed plenty of our own islamic madmen now just as France has. We will just have to live with it

    The chat from the BBC and the left in general is one of "anti muslim backlash", which has never really happened in this country and I am not sure it will for a long time. We are pretty tolerant people. We don't mind folk practising their religion as long as they don't make a nuisance of themselves and most of the west is the same .Ironically, the hate mosques get police protection in the aftermath of any islamic inspired incident. Just as happened after Rigby was slaughtered in broad daylight a while back in Woolwich.

    Ukip are too late now anyway. maybe if it had been nipped in the bud 20 odd years ago, but theres no chance now.

  2. Don't try and deflect your embarrassment onto me :lol:

    I'm not in the slightest bit embarrassed. I'd do it again to piss off the SNP politburo. It was majestic levels of anguish from them in the immediate aftermath. All brought on by themselves as well, if they'd shut their stupid faces then it wouldn't have alerted people to the prospect of who to vote for to keep them from getting their third seat. :lol:

    Stupid c***s

  3. You voted for Coburn :lol:

    Too right I did. Its been worth it to see you near six month tantrum about it.

    Ive also voted for the other vile nationalist party available to me (the SNP) in recent times. But this seems to trouble you less.

    Lets face it, Coburn or that Tasmina Ahmed Sheik was the easiest decision I've probably ever made. And it was of course, the right one <_<

  4. You've got to laugh at Reynard's contempt for students when everything he says about nationalism and the SNP comes straight out of yer average first semester politics student handbook.

    Only the dim ones like yourself.

  5. Certainly hits YOUR spot. Tells you want you want to hear, and you masturbate furiously over it.

    Furiously being the key word there.

    You seem like another SNP type that doesn't understand your own reflection in a mirror.

    Quite funny really that all your rage gets aimed at me instead of attempting to counter a very well written article <_<

    Shooting the messenger is always a certain sign of bad news, or something you REALLY don't want to hear. Excellent. Nationalism is always utterly vile, wherever it rears its mangy old head.

  6. What a lazy piece of journalism that is.

    Woeful stuff.

    Hits the spot spectacularly well I think.

    Nationalists are like cats, they don't understand their own reflection in a mirror.

  7. Do UKIP "Scotland" exist? I've seen Coburn mention them a few time, Yet I can't find any website, a lot of potential candidates, seat they're planning on standing for.

    Not even so much as a leaflet even during the euro elections, they appeared to be non existing

    I got one! :)

    That marvellous leaflet combined with Salmond and Turgids mewlings in the last week of the campaign pressed me into voting for them in order to stop the dreadful SNP from gaining an extra seat. Well worth it. <_<

    As for them being "homophobic", I hope someone doesn't mention to them that Coburn is in fact a screaming queen, I'm sure he will be turfed out the party immediately once that dreadful message is conveyed.

  8. The campaign was fought from a left wing angle. it was all about fairer scotland more equality less ppoverty removal off nuclare weapons. faireraxes etc et etc. all good policies of course but all very much left wing socialist ones. then there was the scotland will always get the government it votes for. considering scotland will get the goverment the CENTRAL BELT voted for. we are not so different from england you know, our population is concentrated in a small strip of land in the south. it gets billions spent on trams nobody wants along with other shitey projects whilst people in the north are regularly killed on a road that should have been duelled years ago. for yes to win by this method they would havee to sweep the board in the central belt - not fcuking likely when theres a significant number of labour diehards and football loyalists.

    A big error of judgement.

    The SNP had to scour the schemes to get their numbers up all the same, so it's probably understandable. Now they have lumbered themselves with a new influx of total morons that they stirred up during their unsuccessful attempt to create their fiefdom. And it's these imbeciles that will destroy the party from the inside. It might take a few years, but will certainly happen. <_<

  9. Do UKIP "Scotland" exist? I've seen Coburn mention them a few time, Yet I can't find any website, a lot of potential candidates, seat they're planning on standing for.

    Not even so much as a leaflet even during the euro elections, they appeared to be non existing

    Dunno. But I voted for their MEP in order to keep out that fuckwit SNP cuntress that Salmond wanted to parachute in. Something you just haven't managed to come to terms with yet <_<

  10. I doubt many people were desperate to vote Yes and bottled it, or anything like that.

    It's this chat about things going tits up that I think people are calling shitebag behaviour. I honestly believe if Scotland was populated by anyone apart from Scots, they would vote for Independence from Britain easily. We have to be the most defeatist, servile people on the planet.


    verge of tears

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